Gert Emmens & Ruud Heij – Sculpture Garden


Released: 2011 By Groove Unlimited

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  1. Rocky Lumps [10:33]
  2. Needle Tower [11:45]
  3. Pallisade [8:04]
  4. Jardin d’email [14:15]
  5. Concetto Spaziale [10:53]
  6. Phyllotaxis [15:19]

Great duo. Analog sequencing pur sang this is a must have album!!

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1 review for Gert Emmens & Ruud Heij – Sculpture Garden

  1. Paul Rijkens / The Netherlands

    Fellow Dutchmen Gert Emmens and Ruud Heij are two electronic music experts. Both are specialists in their own field: Gert is great in creating fine melodies and is a very good soloist and Ruud (also known as a member of Free System Projekt) is a genius of the sequencer. Not surprisingly, he is sometimes called The Dutch Chris Franke. Combined their two styles result in albums that easily can be called highlights in the retro/Berlin School style of electronic music. The Sculpture Garden, their fifth album as a duo, is yet another highlight.

    Being a small country, The Netherlands may not have too much extended nature but it does have a wonderful national park, called National Park Hoge Veluwe. In the middle of the park, the beautiful Krller Mller Museum is situated. Somewhat hidden in the forests is a large sculpture garden. When Gert and Ruud visited the museum in 2008, they were so impressed by the different sculptures and other artforms they saw there that they decided to make an album inspired by the garden. Often, music and other ways of art go together very good. Also, on The Sculpture Garden this is the case.

    In Rocky Lumps, the album opens with stunning sequences by Heij and Vangelis-like solos by Emmens, accompanied by one of Gerts antique drumboxes. Needle Tower is a quite relaxing piece of music with traces of the music that Patrick OHearn makes, being the master of atmospheres. Sequences again have a central place on this album, for example in the thrusting tracks Pallisade and Jardin demail (nice title!). In the last piece Gert hs soloing very well again with his fat solosounds. Perhaps the best composition on the album is Concetto Spaziale Natura . It is full of melancholic atmosphere and packed with excellent Mellotronchoirs. In Phyllotaxis the sequences have references of the ones Chris Franke created for the legendary Tangerine Dream in the second half of the seventies.

    Gert and Ruud have the opinion that The Sculpture Garden is their best album to date. And they have so much music to share with the listeners that there is (much) more to come. Listening to the quality of The Sculpture Garden we can only hope that it will come quick.

    2011. Paul Rijkens / The Netherlands

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