Gert Emmens & Ruud Heij – Silent witnesses of industrial landscapes


Released: 2008 By Gert Emmens

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  1. Silent Witnesses Of Industrial Landscapes – Overture [10:04]
  2. Elements In Decay [12:59]MP3 soundclip of Elements in decay [2:58]
  3. Liquid Ore Finding Its Way [13:02]
  4. When Night Falls [8:28]
  5. Point Of No Return [7:55]MP3 soundclip of Point of no return [2:59]
  6. Setting The Wheels In Motion [18:12]MP3 soundclip of Setting the wheels in motion [2:59]
  7. Silent Witnesses Of Industrial Landscapes – Finale [8:04]

Stunning, full of emotions and creativity. Typical sequences of Ruud, and Gert soloing on top

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3 reviews for Gert Emmens & Ruud Heij – Silent witnesses of industrial landscapes

  1. Andr Stooker / Holland

    After the last cd Journey which was a little different from the first ones, are Emmens and Heij back to that point. An excellent cd with the typical sequences of Ruud, and the solo’s of Gert as layer on top of it.
    One of the better cds this year and already a favorite of mine. A great job guys looking forward to next one and a live performance somewhere would be nice.

    2008. Andr Stooker / Holland

  2. Artemi Pugachov / Russia

    Looking at the massive list of equipment, we see that quite a few instruments went into making this newest work by Emmens & Heij. Let’s see if the musical results are worth all the kilowatts spent.

    We start with an overture of some 10 minutes. Mysterious and rather dark pads set the stage for melodic sequences that come from underneath the flow in classic Berlin School manner. This already sounds like a clear winner. A bass sequence joins and we are propelled forward on top of classic pulsations and an effective two-note melodic motif by Gert. Mellotron choirs appear, singing their song on pair with the mournful synth pads. An analogue drum machine rhythm starts, giving a bit of a punch to an otherwise very soft and mellow EM track. There’s also a wonderful spacey analogue solo by Gert. The melodic content of this track is very strong.
    Elements In Decay” is straight into sequencing. And what sequencing it is! It sounds like it was crafted by gods. After a while a mournful Mellotron string sound appears

  3. Kristian Persson / Sweden

    This release is extremely well done. I like how Gert & Ruud takes their music to a higher level on each of their releases. This CD is absolutely stunning, full of emotions and creativity, all the way through.
    It sounds close to Gert’s latest release Nearest Faraway Place”

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