Gert Emmens – Wanderer of time

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Released: 2003 By Groove Unlimited


  1. Wanderer of time [19:21]MP3 soundclip of Wanderer of time [2:59]
  2. Gaspra [9:36]MP3 soundclip of Gaspra [2:59]
  3. Alien Matter [13:41]
  4. Elektra World [12:57]MP3 soundclip of Elektra World [2:59]
  5. The Voyager of Voyager I [13:42]

Great analog sequencing and retro sounds

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4 reviews for Gert Emmens – Wanderer of time

  1. Paul Rijkens

    Dutchman Gert Emmens is not unknown anymore in the world of electronic music. In 2001 his second album Asteroids”

  2. Lloyd Braun / USA

    This cd is some of the best New Age space music I’ve heard in years. It takes me back 20+ years to the heyday or New Age synth music.
    I recommend this to anyone who likes the dreamy spacey music of early Jarre, Tangerine Dream and other pioneers of New Age space music.
    A must have.

    2004. Lloyd Braun / USA

  3. Marco Franchin / Italy

    I got this cd. Risky but very good sound from this guy! Sound of real good strong sinth retro souds in the old powerful 70 style.For real enthusiasts of old electronic but in more modern style this is a must have!

    2005. Marco Franchin / Italy

  4. Phil Derby / Electroambient Space

    When I heard Gert Emmens debut cd, I was impressed by his melodic sense and his variety of themes. I havent heard his follow up Asteroids, so I dont know if there was a transition, but Wanderer of Time arrives with a full-fledged Berlin school sound. Whereas his first cd had a few classic EM elements, this time he is armed with a full arsenal of vintage sounds, from Mellotron flutes to mesmerizing sequences and more, as on the 19-minute title track, a real attention getter. As it builds, beautiful synth strings soar. This disc compares favorably to Navigators Oceanic Empire, as both discs are firmly rooted in the classic Teutonic style, yet they also include up-to-date touches and production.

    About seven minutes in, Im sure Im listening to classic Tangerine Dream around the time of Logos. Several different themes emerge, each flowing very smoothly into the next. This is a fantastic track, and sets the bar very high for the rest of the disc.
    Gaspra” does not disappoint as a strong second number

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