Glenn – Electronic secret


Released: 2008 By G.H. Main Records

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  1. Electronic Secret Part 1 [6:05]MP3 soundclip of Part 1 [1:00]
  2. Electronic Secret Part 2 [5:08]
  3. Electronic Secret Part 3 [5:12]MP3 soundclip of Part 3 [1:00]
  4. Electronic Secret Part 4 [4:55]
  5. Electronic Secret Part 5 [4:17]
  6. Electronic Secret Part 6 [4:24]
  7. Electronic Secret Part 7 [4:32]
  8. Electronic Secret Part 8 [4:33]MP3 soundclip of Part 8 [1:00]
  9. Electronic Secret Part 9 [4:31]
  10. Electronic Secret Part 10 [5:16]

A mix of Jarre and Vangelis

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  1. Jon Aanensen

    Glenn Henriksen lives in the Norwegian city of Porsgrunn. He has been involved in several different types of music for many years, but on this album he concentrates on instrumental electronic music. It is not possible to listen to this album without thinking of Jean-Michel Jarre. The Jarre elements are all over the place, from the cover to the music to the live shows Glenn puts on. I told a friend of mine who is a big JMJ fan about Glenn, and he was quite critical. He said that Glenn tries to be someone he isn’t, and that his stuff is doomed to be worse than the original.I don’t quite agree. Glenn‘s music is highly professional and well-written. I can honestly not say that Jarre‘s Chronologie is better than Glenn‘s Electronic Secret, which can either mean that Glenn is a very good musician, or that Jarre‘s music is very simple and uncomplicated and can be copied” with just a bit of technical knowledge. I guess the answer is somewhere in between those two. I also think I see a lot of irony in Glenn‘s music. He is doing this with a smile on his face

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