Glimmer Room – Grey mirrors


Released: 2004 By A-Frame Media

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  1. Grey Mirrors Part 1MP3 soundclip of Grey mirrors part 1 [3:00]
  2. Grey Mirrors Part 2
  3. Grey Mirrors Part 3
  4. Grey Mirrors Part 4
  5. Grey Mirrors Part 5
  6. Grey Mirrors Part 6
  7. Grey Mirrors Part 7
  8. Grey Mirrors Part 8

Atmospheric sequences, lush string and choral pads

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2 reviews for Glimmer Room – Grey mirrors

  1. Matt Howarth / Soniccuriosity

    This release from 2004 features 42 minutes of chill-out electronics.

    The Glimmer Room is Andy C.
    Blending ambient aspects with contemporary electronic structures, the Glimmer Room delivers a thoroughly captivating excursion into lively trance that will mesmerize and energize listeners.Dreamy textures unfurl mixed with environmental samples and swelling rhythms. These atmospheric harmonies evolve into stately melodies that fuse traditional electronic sensibilities with modern rave modes, resulting in music that does more than cross boundaries, it forges a refreshing new territory from the future.
    Delicate keyboards embellish the drifting tonalities, adding body and depth with engaging riffs that are laced with compelling tempos consisting of relaxed e-perc. Solid melodics emerge, delineating tuneage that possess dynamics while retaining an airy awe. Pulsations interweave with determined chords, producing a regal flair seasoned with a delightful pep.
    Constructed as a long-form composition, this music moves through numerous moods with a constantly mutating pastiche of emotional sound. There are passages of subtlety that lead to pinnacles of remarkable grandeur, which in turn progress into catchy stretches that vibrate with a touch of pop temperament, giving the music a well-rounded disposition that will appeal to rave aficionados as well as fans of conventional electronic music.

    This release comes in a DVD case with liner notes that are printed on parchment and sealed with sealing wax, achieving a completely personal connection between artist and audience.

    2004. Matt Howarth / Soniccuriosity

  2. Paul Aitkenhead / United Kingdom

    I have thoroughly enjoyed listening to this delightful and thoughtful piece of ambient music. I can certainly see why this CD has been considered by some reviewers to be one of the best of 2004.

    2005. Paul Aitkenhead / United Kingdom

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