Guido Negraszus – Memories & dreams vol.1


Released: 1998 By Time-2-Dream

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  1. Memories & DreamsMP3 soundclip of Memories and dreams [4:02]
  2. Ocean Sail
  3. Journey of Joy
  4. Old Telegraph Road
  5. Camp Fire at Lakefield N.P.
  6. Sandover Highway
  7. Uluru Flight
  8. Journey of Dreams
  9. Desert Nights
  10. The Big Walk
  11. Metropolis 2000
  12. Oodnadatta Track
  13. Sunsets of Australia

Easy, happy music

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2 reviews for Guido Negraszus – Memories & dreams vol.1

  1. MEMI

    Currently MEMORIES & DREAMS is the CD that gets played most on my CD-Player. Once again, this is a cogent example of GUIDO NEGRASZUS‘s impressive abilities.

    1998. MEMI

  2. KLEM-Bavaria

    What both of the 1998 CDs have in common is the outstanding purity of sound.

    1998. KLEM-Bavaria

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