Heldon – Allez teia


Released: 1990 By Cuneiform Records

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  1. In the Wake of King Fripp [6:36]
  2. Aphanisis [2:20]
  3. Omar Diop Blondin [7:20]
  4. Moebius [1:49]
  5. Fluence [12:15]
    1. Continuum Mobile
    2. Disjonction Inclusive
  6. St-Mikael Samstag am Abends [6:18]
  7. Michel Ettori [4:17]

Spacy/progressive REISSUE OF 1975 ALBUM

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1 review for Heldon – Allez teia

  1. Ivar de Vries

    The line-up for this second Heldon album basically consists of Georges Grunblatt and of course Richard Pinhas. It differs from all other Heldon albums because of its comparatively tranquil nature and the use of acoustic guitars but is still, like the first album, heavily influenced by the events surrounding the ’68 student riots in France (hence the album-cover).
    It also pays hommage to guitarist Robert Fripp of King Krimson fame who has a guitar-style similar to Richard Pinhas (King Fripp” in the beautiful first piece plus the track ‘Omar Diop Blondin’ being dedicated to Fripp and Brain Eno).
    On the electronic tracks the primitive sounds of the Mellotron are used extensively

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