Heldon – Interface


Released: 2004 By Bureau B

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  1. Les Soucoupes Volantes Vertes [2:26]
  2. Jet Girl [9:49]
    1. In New York or Paris, equivalent
    2. In South Bronx
  3. Le Retour Des Soucoupes Volantes [2:21]
  4. Bal-A-Fou [7:22]
  5. Le Fils Des Soucoupes Volantes (vertes) [1:47]
  6. Interface-Live (part 1) [6:19]
  7. Interface-Live (part 2) [2:04]
  8. Interface [19:02]

Pinhas, Auger, Batard and Gauthier

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  1. Ivar de Vries

    ‘Interface’, the sixth Heldon album, is more of a group effort where this time the line-up features Richard Pinhas (guitars, electronics), Patrick Gauthier (Moog) and Francois Auger (drums, percussion).

    Each of them provides a version of the ‘Soucoupes Volantes’ (i.e. Flying Saucers) track and on the whole really gel together as a band on this album.
    The Angst-ridden ‘Jet Girl’ could be the most neurotic Heldon piece of them all, scary stuff indeed. The sophisticated (if one can use that word in the context of Heldon) ‘Bal-A-Fou’ by Auger must be considered the high point of the album – after setting up a sort of grave-yard atmosphere all of them settle off into a jazzy groove where Patrick Gauthier‘s Moog is especially prominent – bizarre, but great.
    The long title-track has a basic rock-rhythm and after a lengthy intro on just the drums more and more guitar and Moog voices get added – the slowly built-up tension is finally released when it all unexpectedly ends on a humorous bluesy note.

    On the Spalax CD-release two live bonus-tracks are added which are also called ‘Interface’ (strangely enough – certainly the first one is completely different to the original). That first bonus-track also happens to be known as and completely similar to the track ‘Dedicated to K(ing) C(rimson)’ on the 1981 solo-album L’Ethique by Richard Pinhas where, even more strange, a different set of musicians is specified as supposedly taking part – anyway, it’s a great track whoever played on it.

    1999. Ivar de Vries

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