Heldon – Stand by


Released: 1979 By Bureau B

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  1. Stand By [14:04]MP3 soundclip of Stand by [3:00]
  2. Une Drole De Journee [4:00]
  3. Bolero [21:47]
    • Apprehension
    • Bolero proprement dit
    • Recognition
    • Repetition
    • Rote Armee Fraktion
    • Production
    • Distribution
    • Deterrioration

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  1. Ivar de Vries

    ‘Stand By’ is the last Heldon album, and what a good final album it is. Its line-up consisted of Francois Auger on drums/percussion, Patrick Gauthier on keyboards, Didier Batard on bass and of course main music-providor Richard Pinhas on keyboards and guitars.

    The title-track is a heavy dramatic blues-piece in a style similar to the first live bonus-track on the preceding album ‘Interface’ (the two pieces have at least one guitar-riff in common) but here some electronics is added – it also contains some of the liveliest guitar-playing yet by Pinhas.
    ‘Une Drole De Journee’ by Patrick Gauthier is more jazzy and features, as far as I know, the only occurrence in Heldon of his piano-playing.
    The whole album could be described as the discovery of the sequencer” and none more so than on the aptly titled ‘Bolero’

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