Hemisphere – Beast in the heat

 7,90 10,00

Released: 2003 By Groove Unlimited


  1. Starlight Casino [9:49]MP3 soundclip of Starlight Casino [3:00]
  2. Chroma [6:37]
  3. The Frogs [7:16]
  4. Shadows in the Basement [8:23]
  5. Hydra [7:09]MP3 soundclip of Hydra [3:00]
  6. M 8812 [5:44]
  7. Energy Brand [13:01]MP3 soundclip of Energy Brand [3:00]
  8. Alpha Order [4:49]
  9. Pallas [6:32]
  10. Mura [3:24]

Ambient, rhythmic

Additional information

Weight 105 g



Jewel Case

3 reviews for Hemisphere – Beast in the heat

  1. Mike / US

    Excellent cd!!!!!!!!! Nice dark ambient passages, few great sequencer pieces.
    I can say Hemisphere seems to get better with every piece of work they do.

    2004. Mike / US

  2. Phil Derby / Electroambient Space

    Hemisphere is known for their unique brand of Berlin school music, slipping in to their own dark niche of the genre, heavier on the ambient eerie textures than most.

    So at the start of Starlight Casino” it seems to be standard Hemisphere territory

  3. Mark Morton / Wind and Wire

    If one associates with a school” of music these days

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