Hemisphere – Liquid mirror

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Released: 1991 By Groove Unlimited

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  1. Water – Colours [4:34]
  2. In the Deep [8:55]MP3 soundclip of In the deep [3:00]
  3. Northern Horizon [5:10]
  4. Below Sealevel [14:43]MP3 soundclip of Below sealevel [3:00]
  5. We’re Afloat [4:41]
  6. Touch the Waves [6:06]
  7. Liquid Mirror
    • part 1 [9:49]
    • part 2 [3:46]

    Bonus tracks:

  8. Liquid Mirror part 3 [11:18]MP3 soundclip of Liquid Mirror part 3 (bonus) [3:01]
  9. Liquid Mirror part 4 [3:25]

Provoking rhythmic and non-rhythmic soundscapes

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2 reviews for Hemisphere – Liquid mirror

  1. Paul Rijkens / NL

    This album was released in 1991 on the Musique Intemporelle-label but was deleted for a while. Now, Groove offers a completely new 20-bit remastered version (done by Ron Boots).

    In 1991, Hemisphere was still a solo-project by Ralf Knappe-Heinbockel. All of the titles have something to do with water. The interesting thing about Hemisphere is the mixture between great atmospheric pieces and more melodical rhythmic stuff. The first track Water – Colours”

  2. Bert Strolenberg

    Liquid Mirror” is the 1st album of Hemisphere (alias German musician Ralph Knappe Heinbockel)

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