Hemisphere – Rambling voyage

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Released: 2005 By Groove Unlimited

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  1. About Suggestion [8:07]
  2. Night of the Living Machine [12:23]
  3. Oscillation [6:41]MP3 soundclip of Oscillation [3:00]
  4. Image [3:47]
  5. Flow Motion part 1 [3:46]MP3 soundclip of Flow motion part 1 [3:00]
  6. Blackmail [2:20]
  7. Crash [8:22]
  8. Flow Motion part 2 [5:25]
  9. Rambling Voyage [9:10]MP3 soundclip of Rambling voyage [3:00]
  10. Liquid Mirror part 5 [14:17]
  11. Nameless [1:54]

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6 reviews for Hemisphere – Rambling voyage

  1. LouLou / Prog-rsiste

    Aprs une intro pompe sur Heinrich von Kleist (un de mes morceaux prfrs de Klaus Schulze), le voyage commence dans le style qui est leur marque de fabrique, un dark ambient largement inspir par l’cole berlinoise. Ralf Knappe Heinbockel et Thorsten Reinhardt, les deux compres de HEMISPHERE pratique leur art en privilgiant les -plats sonores aux boucles, le rythme tant donn par de grandes squences de percussion efficaces mais sans fioriture. En outre, ils font appel une palette de sonorits incluant des voix fminines et une Fender Stratocaster qui ajoutent au caractre sable mouvant” de cette musique.
    En coutant Rambling Voyage

  2. Chris Knowlton / USA

    This album beautifully brings together many ideas explored on the last few Hemisphere releases (the female vocals, sequencer passages, and atmospheric guitars) to produce a flawless and perfect experience. The flow is seamless! Sadly we have lost Ralf Knappe-Heinbockel but this record shows his incredible music knew no limits and will live on forever. Rambling Voyage, if not the best Hemisphere album ever, surely is close to the top of the list.
    Highly recommended.

    2005. Chris Knowlton / USA

  3. Edgar Kogler

    This work by Hemisphere is a beautiful space odyssey based on the use of synthesizers, ideal to let imagination soar through unearthly worlds. A general trait of the album is the fact that the music happens to be very intense, vital, as if reflecting strong emotions. The 11 pieces included in this release have a melodic cosmic style with some Atmospheric Pop touches.
    The latter are basically in the rhythms. The melodies present a certain romantic character, with slight symphonic traits. Perhaps the most remarkable theme is Night of the Living Machine”

  4. Phil Derby / Electroambient Space

    By now most in the EM community have heard this is the last Hemisphere album, due to the unfortunate and untimely passing of Ralf Knappe Heinbockel. Fortunately, he and bandmate Thorsten Reinhardt sent him off with a bang instead of a whimper with this excellent collection of trademark Hemisphere, blending dark ambient and Berlin school in a way unique to the two genres. A common complaint about this style of music is that several of the musicians sound like Tangerine Dream or like each other; Hemisphere always sounds like Hemisphere.
    Warm melodies and shuffling beats, enchanting subtle vocals by Petra Huschle, and the right tinge of darkness all add up to consummate coolness. From deep floaters like Image” and both parts of “Flow Motion” to the bass

  5. Donato Zoppo / movimentiprog

    This is great electronic music. Hemisphere is a German duo (Ralf Knappe Heinbockel and Thorsten Reinhardt) that moves between the more interesting artists of the Groove catalogue.
    And not only that: this Rambling voyage” is without doubt one of their better productions. Rich and dense

  6. Jim Brenholts

    (As I was entering this review into my computer, I went to the web to see if I could find more information on Hemisphere. I did a Google search and found a link that reported that Ralf Knappe Heinbockel had died. The link was to a post by Ron Boots on the EM Forum and it was dated February 2, 2005. I assume that he died that day. My heart goes out to his family and friends everywhere. I did not have the pleasure of knowing Ralf except through his music. God bless you. Ralf! Godspeed!)

    The Groove Unlimited label has a reputation has the worlds finest label for Berlin school electronica. It is a well-deserved honor. However, they also release some excellent ambient music, most of it from HemisphereRalf Knappe Heinbockel and Thorsten Reinhardt.Rambling Voyage is a set of 11 compositions that will delight focused listeners for 76 minutes. Ralf and Thorsten use synths, processors and guitars to create this classic electronic ambience. The textures are organic and the timbres are sci-fi. The voyage rambles across the heavens and around the universe. The atmospheres evoke imagery of deep space nebulae and unexplored galaxies. The deep drones have narcotic effects and will hypnotize deep listeners.
    There are no flaws on this CD! Ralf and Thorsten are meticulous and their structure creates free-flowing soundscapes.
    This CD gives Groove another strong entry for 2004s top 25!

    2005. Jim Brenholts

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