Hypnosphere – Timedrift


Released: 2014 By kuSpheric Music

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  1. Trancenter [18:38]
  2. Sperical Movement [6:41]
  3. Escape from Dissonance [12:40]
  4. Ardent Drive [13:22]
  5. Emphasis [11:03]
  6. Timedrift [13:26]

Lambert Ringlage and Wolfgang Barkowski

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1 review for Hypnosphere – Timedrift

  1. Sylvain Lupari / gutsofdarkness.com & synthsequences.blogspot.ca

    After a silence of 7 years, the duet Hypnosphere comes back caressing our ears with a pure marvel of EM from the analog years. Establishing marvellously the limits and the evolutions of an album which passes in transit between a rather ambient and psychedelic cosmic rock of the beautiful vintages years, the duet Lambert Ringlage, owner of the label Spheric Music, and Wolfgang Barkowski presents in Timedrift an album that we savour like a complex work with surprises which abound where we expect the least. And you are going to adore! One listens to absently, I always begin in this way in order to cajole an album, by reading a book or by trying a beddy-byes. And we have the vague sensation to hear Tangerine Dream out of the Encore years. The foggy atmospheres, the soft and ambient rhythms which just skip just by the tip of their sequences, as well as these duels of guitar and synth which torment the psychedelic-progressive moods make of Time drift one of the beautiful surprises, in the shelf of the unexpected, of 2014.

    The beginning of Trancenter” projects us in a forest decorated by peaceful chirping of birds which are courting a lazy flow of river. The singings of insects

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