Javi Canovas – Hidden Path

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Released: By Groove Unlimited

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  1. After Midnight
  2. Coverage
  3. The Outsider
  4. Nature of the Inexistence
  5. Credence
  6. Through the mountains

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2 reviews for Javi Canovas – Hidden Path

  1. Mike / US

    What a gem. Nice sequencer/EM trip. If you like modern Em with a touch of old school BS sound. Grab this. It wont disappoint.

    2014. Mike / US

  2. Sylvain Lupari / gutsofdarkness.com & synthsequences.blogspot.ca

    How not to fall under the charms of an album which plunges us in the heart of our souvenirs while making this delicate link between retro and contemporary Berlin School? If there is an artist who rises to the rank of the new ambassadors of retro Berlin School, this has to be Javi Canovas. About 10 years and a dozen albums farther, the Spanish synthesist leaves the lands of the anonymity to shine in the country of the Dutch label Groove. Faithful to its trademark, Groove, with its Manitou in head Ron Boots, excels at the art to reshape the borders of vintage Berlin School. And those who follow the career of Javi Canovas know how much the synth wizard of the Canary Islands likes the heavy movements and the somber Gothic ambiences of the trio Froese, Franke and Baumann as well as the flights of ether of Neuronium. Thus the union between Javi and Groove had to only give brilliant results. Without surprises but very effective. At this level, Hidden Path will go beyond the expectations of several.

    After Midnight” embalms our ears with lines of white noises and lamentations of fed gargoyles. The moods are psychotronics with these organic synth lines which float such as clouds deriving in a radioactive zone. A heavy more musical synth pad pierces these ambiences

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