Javi Canovas – Transfiguration


Released: 2012 By Synth Music Direct

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  1. Hypnosis Room – [14:01]
  2. Transfiguration – [15:20]
  3. Way To Unknown Place – [14:00]
  4. The Slot – [17:04]
  5. Projection – [11:55]

Superb Berlin School!!

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3 reviews for Javi Canovas – Transfiguration

  1. Geoffrey Mason/ United Kingdom

    ‘Hypnosis Room’ begins with loud ambient organ sounds that empty your mind ready to be hypnotized. This gradually puts you in a ‘karma’, then as this fades an attitude of a sequencer starts, along with effects, then a second one joins in juxtaposition, with more effects that come and go. This is really hypnotic and I am transfixed. A welcome flute is heard taking me back to 1970’s period TD. The sequencing morphs and effects continue to great effect. This alluring brew fades out as an organ takes over with grand atmospherics and I imagine inspiring views. A great way to start the album! ‘Transfiguration’ starts with rhythmic effects and atmos’ with metallic resonances and shimmering sounds that hang in the aureal cosmos. Sequencing is soon introduced with added rapid keyboard playing melody, with effects and builds up even more! This is all fantastic stuff until it eventually breaks dow n into ambient relaxing atmospherics. I feel like I am recovering from a rollercoaster ride! ‘Way To Unknown Place’ takes you into a huge dark cavern of sound effects, very eerie, unknown and unseen journey to nowhere, just darkness. Then suddenly a rapid sequencing pattern takes over and my head is nodding, and feet tapping along as effects come and go. It feels like we’re on a mission going somewhere now! Keyboard lead lines play along and this is fantastic music! More sequencing is added and I am in raptures as all this is going on and effects constantly being added. This track reminds me why I like Javi’s music so much. It disappears into ambient drift to end. Wow! What a track! ‘The Slot’ begins with strange ambient atmospheric-wind-tunnel like effects, then dark drone and ambient textures. After a few minutes a sequencing pattern takes over and mesmerising lead line joins in. This soon drifts back into atmos’ all too soon, but then a huge sounding sequencer / rhythm is heard w i th breathing type effects which soon disappear and what develops is magical rhythmic sequencers with fantastic lead lines soaring over the top to berlin school heaven! I’m now imagining being on a fast journey being chased by an android army over an alien terrain. Things then drift into ambient atmos’. Absolutely brilliant! ‘Projection’ starts with drifting but with feeling of great power, then a rapid sequence takes over and morphs. Flute is introduced and the sequencing grows with attitude, and the flute keeping the calm. Mesmeric stuff! Then we get added layers of sequencing and effects all wanting to unleash. New layers build and lead lines play one after the other. It’s hard to keep up. A wonderful melting pot of music! It disappears to the sound of a flute and relaxed ambient atmos’ is restored as if returning home from a great adventure! After listening to this album I have gone through my own ‘transfiguration’ and realise that Javi is surely one of the best that the genre o f ‘electronic instrumental synth music’ has to offer.

    2020. Geoffrey Mason/ United Kingdom

  2. Sylvain Lupari / gutsofdarkness.com & synth&sequences.com

    Through good times and bad, Javi Canovas comes back haunting our ears with a powerful album inspired by the electronic sequenced works from the retro Berlin School. With intros and finales paralyzed by smog of synth as corrosives as threatening and its evolutionary rhythms filled by knocks of sequenced steroids, Transfiguration is forged in the reminiscences of those beautiful years where Tangerine Dream and Klaus Schulze reigned in absolute masters on the intends of the Berlin School.

    Hypnosis Room” introduces this great album with an oblong and somber synth layer with tones of an organ of darkness which spreads its threatening corrosive veil. The first 3 minutes are floating and wrapping with sinuous synth waves which agglutinate to form a sky made opaque by resonant layers. A sequence emerges when the iodized breaths are fading away. It ripples with large circles

  3. Bert Strolenberg / Sonic Immersion

    The music on Javi Cnovas 2012-release Transfiguration” sees a return to the comfortable realm of the classic Berliner School style.
    The spatial (sometimes even restless and smoothly pumping) sequencing on the five extensive tracks is in optima forma as are the various synth pads

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