Jean Michel Jarre – Chronologie


Released: 1993 By Dreyfuss

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  1. Chronologie part 1
  2. Chronologie part 2
  3. Chronologie part 3
  4. Chronologie part 4
  5. Chronologie part 5
  6. Chronologie part 6
  7. Chronologie part 7
  8. Chronologie part 8

With Patrick Rondat on guitars

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1 review for Jean Michel Jarre – Chronologie

  1. Manuel Brum

    Chronologie marked a good return to form in Jarre‘s work, in this album he returned to his electronic sources. In fact Chronologie sounds like it was recorded after Equinoxe or Magnetic Fields. So after some live albums and some experiences with early sampling (Zoolook) and ethnic rhythms (Revolutions) the Frenchman delivers an album of classic Jarre style.

    There’s of course some modern rhythms at use, Jarre is very well aware of the techno orientation of today’s electronica, but the major part of Chronologie employs the classic Jarre style : easygoing melodies and melancholic/nostalgic moods (after all is french isn’t he ?).

    For newcomers to Jarre’s work this one is a good place to start, for fans this one does not disappoint although it doesn’t add anything new.
    Zoolook and Waiting for Cousteau‘s title track are still the most surprising and innovative works of Jarre’s discography.

    2003. Manuel Brum

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