Jean Michel Jarre – Concerts in China


Released: 1982 By Dreyfuss

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  1. The Overture [4:47]
  2. Arpegiator [6:51]
  3. Equinoxe IV [7:39]
  4. Fishing Junks at Sunset [9:35]
  5. Band in the Rain [1:23]
  6. Equinoxe VII [9:52]
  7. Orient Express [4:21]
  8. Magnetic Fields I [0:28]
  9. Magnetic Fields III [3:48]
  10. Magnetic Fields IV [6:43]
  11. Laser Harp [3:26]
  12. Night in Shanghai [7:01]
  13. The Last Rumba [2:03]
  14. Magnetic Fields II [6:19]
  15. Souvenir of China [4:00]

His first and best live concert

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3 reviews for Jean Michel Jarre – Concerts in China

  1. Dalfina

    Concerts in China is, I feel, the best Jarre concert album to date. Pieces like Arpegiator, Orient Express, and Nights in Shanghai exemplify Jarre’s ability to compose aggressive, stirring electronic music. The album also features pieces whose arrangements have been localized, such as Magnetic Fields II and Fishing Junks at Sunset, which makes for some interesting listening.

    2000. Dalfina

  2. Ola Obrant

    I reckon this CD has got something special. I have got 16 of Jarre’s albums, and This is the best Live album by far (Oxygene , Oxygene 7-13, Equinox are the best albums). Jarre was the first western popular musician to have a concert in China, and he was also the first one to be broadcasted in Chinese radio. The recording is very good and it sports the quality of a studio recording. This CD has got a strength that grips me every time I put it on. If you are new to Jarre, Images” might be your best buy though

  3. Chris Nixon / UK

    Back when I first bought this LP on vinyl, JMJ had only just released Magnetic Fields, which was his rockiest work to date.
    I was not altogether keen on a live interpretation of his work but gave it a go – and boy, was I blown away!
    The dynamic range alone on ‘The Concerts in China’ is overpowering – the first track, ‘Overture’, sets the scene for the entire album. A reprise of ‘Magnetic Fields Part 1’, it starts playing at about a quarter-speed, and as it winds up to the wonderful electro-pop ‘chorus’ I was so used to, an incredible crescendo begins to build, until the speakers finally let rip with an incredible blast of live drums and guitar – incredible!

    The tracks on this album often start with, or fade into, sounds sampled from the streets of China. But far from detracting from the wonderful production values, these snippets enhance the whole listening experience. This new remastered CD sounds even better than I remembered, and as the final track, ‘Souvenir of China’ – by far my favourite – fades out, you’ll be grinning from ear to ear with pleasure.
    Sit back and enjoy this huge treat.

    2002. Chris Nixon / UK

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