Jean Michel Jarre – Geometry of love


Released: 2018 By Columbia

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  1. Pleasure Principle [6:15]
  2. Geometry of Love part 1 [3:51]
  3. Soul Intrusion [4:45]
  4. Electric Flesh [6:02]MP3 soundclip of Electric Flesh [1:03]
  5. Skin Paradox [6:17]MP3 soundclip of Skin Paradox [1:04]
  6. Velvet Road [5:54]MP3 soundclip of Velvet Road [1:03]
  7. Near Djaina [5:01]MP3 soundclip of Near Djaina [1:00]
  8. Geometry of Love part 2 [4:06]MP3 soundclip of Geometry of Love part 2 [0:58]

Lounge-like music

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  1. Glenn Folkvord.

    This is not a regular new studio album, but a sideproject Jarre composed for the famous VIP Club on Champs Elysees in Paris. The idea was to compose the soundtrack for a club” and the result is jazzotronica

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