Jean Michel Jarre – Metamorphoses


Released: 2018 By Columbia

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  1. Je Me Souviens [4:24]
  2. C’est la Vie [7:10]
  3. Rendez-vous… Paris [4:18]
  4. Hey Gagarin [8:33]
  5. Millions of Stars [5:40]
  6. Tout est Bleu [6:21]
  7. Love Love Love [4:26]
  8. Bells [3:48]
  9. Miss Moon [6:08]
  10. Give Me A Sign [3:49]
  11. Gloria, Lonely Boy [5:32]
  12. Silhouette [2:29]

Laurie Anderson, Natacha Atlas, Sharon Corr

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2 reviews for Jean Michel Jarre – Metamorphoses

  1. Jorge Munnshe / Amazing Sounds

    In this album, Jarre has gone towards Atmospheric Pop. Throughout twelve themes, we hear melodies that range from the warm to the mysterious, wrapped in ethereal ambiences, somewhat relaxed percussive rhythms, and some sound effects that constitute small experimental brush-strokes. The vocals, as a general rule female and ethereal, are an important element in this CD. In some pieces they appear as part of the atmosphere, whereas in others they adopt a formal soloist role. The lyrics of the songs have been written by Jarre. The album will no doubt appeal to those listeners who feel attracted to such styles as that of Enigma, as well as Atmospheric Pop in general. As to my personal taste, the most impressive moments of this work are the last part of Gloria

  2. Justin Beck / USA

    Inspiring that an old timer” in the electronic world still sounds much better than your average electronics.
    Maybe this would turn on someone who doesn’t like electronic music already.
    I let me tell you..I’ve felt down lately and I feel a little better thanks to this bad euro electro with some intelligence! I sent Mr. Jarre my resume but he hasn’t invited me to stay in Paris and help him program synth patches.
    C’est la vie! (pardon my English french)

    2003. Justin Beck / USA

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