Jeff Greinke – Winter Light


Released: 2007 Spotted Peccary

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3.Moving to Malaysia
4.Deep Inside
5.The Long Road Home
6.Under the Pagoda
7.The Conversation
8.Across the Great Basin
10.Mountain in the Clouds

Persistently evolving his use of sound, Jeff is never one to settle for a particular style or to retread familiar territory. For this most recent body of work, he retreats to a remote, wintry landscape. Alternately distant and inviting, Winter Light is a body of work that captures elements of baroque chamber music, infused with Greinke s own unmistakable sense of texture and visual suggestion. Winter Light consists of mixed instrumentation, samples and electronics. Balanced between a study in classical chamber composition and ethereal ambience, Winter Light evokes a distant, icy, and occasionally somber landscape, peppered with the visages of some long sought after memory.

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