Jeffrey Koepper – Luminosity


Released: 2008 By Jeffrey Koepper

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  1. Reflection
  2. Light and Truth
  3. ArtifactsMP3 soundclip of Artifacts [0:30]
  4. Winter Space
  5. Life ClockMP3 soundclip of Life clock [0:27]
  6. EmitterMP3 soundclip of Emitter [0:30]
  7. Transmission
  8. Disk Till Dawn
  9. Rising Sun

Vintage analog synths, drum machines and analog sequencers

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5 reviews for Jeffrey Koepper – Luminosity

  1. Sylvain Lupari / Guts Of Darkness

    Luminosity marks a new musical approach in Jeffrey Koepper‘s career. More ambient, with a beautiful atmospheric depth, this last opus of the American synthesist demonstrates its progress in a whimsical musical universe. As on its previous works JK is using only analogic equipment, but this time he is investigating the boundaries of dark atmospheres, a little as if the man feel the need to redefine himself.

    Soft solitary arpeggios shape a strange hypnotic melody on Reflection opening. Fine percussions draw a light rhythm, furrowing a fascinating and very introspective night-romance among reverberating sound fragments, reminding the work of his mentor on Reflections in Suspension from the soporific Structures from Silence.
    Light and Truth pursues this collection of misty reflection with an ambient title which loosens parsimonious sound waves. Waves of night dreams from a solitary soul.
    Artifacts is a magnificent dark ode with TD flavor of Phaedra years.A Mellotron moves on a sphere of influence gets the ghostly imagination which develops in a slow procession animated of hypnotically stabbing percussions. A magnificent fluty Mellotron accompanies this somber cortege which is a real small musical jewel.
    Winter Space progresses slowly among hypnotic sound circles which grow in an irradiant atmosphere of reverberations and intriguing lamentations. Sweet floating chords lull this nebulosity with a hesitating dexterity.
    Life Clock is the rhythmic cradle of Luminosity. Heavy and dark intro which languishes in a caustic constancy, the movement takes life with dry keys which cross an atmospheric spherodal with strength, loosening a synthesized melody which soaks into an atmosphere stuffed of galactic sound effects.
    Emitter increases the cadence approach with a synth to harmonious loops, on hopping chords and lively percussions.
    Transmission is THE piece on Luminosity. A title with complex development, the whole thing begins in a foggy nebulosity before a heavy and circular sequence surrounds the movement, drawing a hesitating rhythm which is subdivided in a very musical sequenced carousel. A very good title which combines atmosphere, rhythm and melody in a convoluted context which charms all along its progression. We are hearing some beautiful music there.
    A river with prismatic lapping opens the august Dusk Till Dawn. A dark and spectral ode, Dusk Till Dawn floats in a Dead Sea with its chords to arrhythmic pulsations and his lugubrious waves Mellotron.
    Rising Sun returns a fine cadenced radiation with a waterfall sequential approach, shaping a sweet harmony which spreads all its magnificence with beautiful synthesized strata.

    Hypnotic and melodious, it encloses an album strangely bewitching where Jeffrey Koepper makes us vibrate in the measure of his feelings.

    2009. Sylvain Lupari / Guts Of Darkness

  2. Kristian Persson / Sweden

    Jeffrey Koepper is a master when it comes to emotional electronic soundscapes. This is his fourth installment and so far the best, in my opinion. The equipment used is typical mid to late 70’s early 80’s analog synthesizers. It all sounds very vintage and some tunes are really aching towards the Tangerine Dream sound that many of us are so familiar with.

    The opening sequence of ‘Reflection‘ is a masterfully done piece of art, followed by the more soft and touching ‘Light And Truth’. This is what I call first class imaginary space music!
    But the voyage doesn’t end there. Some of the more experimental tracks we find on this disc are ‘Artifacts’, ‘Life Clock’ and ‘Transmission’ which are incredibly moving aswell and takes you on a immersive voyage through space & time. Those tracks contains some very lush sequencer work and are very hypnotising and makes you drift away somewhere into another dimension.
    The only track that didn’t quite grab me 100% was the last one called ‘Rising Sun’, mostly because it sounded too much like a few of Koepper‘s other tracks on his previous releases, but then that might just be me. It’s not really a dull track, but perhaps not one I would return to again and again.

    After a few listenings I can only say that this CD is a must have if you liked Jeffrey’s previous CD’s, especially if you liked ‘Etherea’, or if you are a big fan of early Tangerine Dream!
    Highly Recommended!

    2009. Kristian Persson / Sweden

  3. Chuck van Zyl / STAR’S END

    In his exploration of analogue synthesis, Jeffrey Koepper continually comes up with music less lab experiment than works of personal expression.

    On Luminosity (73’32) Koepper realizes nine multi-layered and multi-faceted electronic pieces that fit nicely alongside precedent releases by acclaimed Spacemusic luminaries. The distinguishing characteristic of Luminosity is its cerebral (sometimes solemn

  4. Phil Derby / Electroambient Space

    I continue to be impressed by the high quality of Jeffrey Koepper’s releases, fantastic music in the style of late 70s and early 80s Tangerine Dream.

    As usual, Luminosity is filled with great sequencing, tight melodies, and beautifully atmospheric space music.
    The breadth and depth of Koepper’s talent is on full display within the first three tracks, starting with catchy moderately paced sequencing and synths on Reflection.
    In perfect contrast, Light and Truth is very airy, light but not insubstantial, full of bright shimmering tones in relaxed sonic hues.
    Artifacts goes pure retro, but in a stripped down way, using three synths to capture the essence of the old classic Mellotron flutes, strings, and a simple cadence in the background to keep time. It is wonderful in its sparseness, as is the next track, Winter Space. In fact, this is a considerably mellower affair throughout than its predecessor, Sequentaria.
    Life Clock continues the easygoing pace, ticking slowly with cool space twitters along the way. The lead synth line here is very reminiscent of vintage Klaus Schulze. Gently pulsating sequences pick up the tempo a little on the next couple of tracks, but throughout the disc shows considerable restraint, focusing on setting a hypnotic mood and maintaining it, particularly in the case of the 11-minute Transmission, the longest track and yet the one you may miss most after it fades.
    Dusk Till Dawn is the most minimal track, mostly water and low drones, with a sparse melody toward the end, very cool.
    Rising Sun is a warm, relaxing number to finish off a great album in style.

    2009. Phil Derby / Electroambient Space

  5. Matt Howarth / Sonic Curiosity

    This CD from 2009 offers 73 minutes of gentle electronic music.

    Delicate keyboards are augmented by atmospheric electronics, resulting in tuneage of superior distinction.Utilizing airy tones, the keyboards fashion ethereal melodics that lend calmness a glistening demeanor. As chords sigh to each other, generating swaying pulsations, moods of serenity are established, rich with the promise of potential enlightenment.
    Some of the electronics convey an arid quality, the notes wavering and rising like heat from a vast plain. Once airborne, the chords resist breezes, drifting under Koeppers meticulous guidance. Their movement becomes sideways, punctuated periodically by the chortle of synthetic bubbles.While percussion is unnecessary, there are passages that use blooping cycles to approximate gentle rhythms. These beats blend nicely with the flowing electronics, masking themselves from obvious notice.
    At times, the placid mesmerization falls away as the riffs mount in puissance, expressing a gradual accumulation of vigor. These ascensions swell with gathering majesty, peeling away the listeners stress and inciting optimistic anticipation.
    A dreamy disposition marks these compositions. The tunes are soothing yet inherently stimulating. These type of harmonic melodies etch themselves into the cortex and emerge later on as idly hummed riffs. Their streaming nature is designed to slowly mutate as they progress, doing so covertly while remaining basically loyal to a central theme.

    2009. Matt Howarth / Sonic Curiosity

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