Jeffrey Koepper – Radiate


Released: 2009 By Victor J. Rek

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  1. Blue Sector [8:05]
  2. Astral Projection [6:18]
  3. Timeline [8:37]
  4. Byzantine Machine [6:07]
  5. Interphase [6:09]MP3 soundclip of Interphase [3:00]
  6. Synchronous [7:56]
  7. Parallel Being [6:36]
  8. One Hundred Memories [6:55]
  9. Creation [10:24]
  10. Rising Sun [3:51]

Sound-world sculptures. Live at The Gatherings on April 14, 2008

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3 reviews for Jeffrey Koepper – Radiate

  1. Sylvain Lupari / Guts Of Darkness

    Recorded during a live performance for the famous The Gatherings concerts held in Philadelphia, on April 14th, 2008, Radiate is no more and less a kind of Jeffrey Koeppers greatest hits. This concert celebrated the release of magnificent Sequenteria, where we find 8 titles, the 2 other tracks are result from albums Momentium (Byzantine Machine) and an album to appear later, Luminosity (Rising Sun). Played on completely analog equipment, Radiate is also masterised by a long time friend of Koepper, Steve Roach.

    It is alone and surrounded with his vast outfit of analog instruments that Jeffrey Koepper begins this concert with Sequenterias opener Blue Sector, Astral Projection and Timeline. The music pours such a sweet analog poetry with an atmosphere which depicts aptly the depth of Sequenteria.
    Byzantine Machine, (track which opens Momentium) replaces the dark and boiling Near Machinery with a magnificent cohesion between nervous rhythm and reverberating pulsation. A title which incorporates well in this analog universe where the crossed rhythms couple marvelously over more ethereal and atmospheric moments which Koepper manipulates with boss’s hand.

    A live album, Radiate is a magnificent interpretation of Sequenteria, and not a certified true copy. Jeffrey Koepper widens more his atmospheric field and is more caustic in his rhythmic blazes. A beautiful album which will delight those who already have Sequenteria and its an excellent way to discover an artist whose music is a crossing between Jean-Michel Jarre and Steve Roach. Simply delicious, I give it 41/2 stars on 5.

    2009. Sylvain Lupari / Guts Of Darkness

  2. Archie Patterson

    With this brand new release, Radiate, Jeffrey Koeppers music has reached its zenith. Perhaps no one today makes sequential electronics as well as him. He layers melody, rhythmic energy and spatial vibrations into dynamic and celestial spacescapes that transports your mind far off into deep synthetic space.

    2009. Archie Patterson

  3. Chuck van Zyl / STAR’S END

    Jeffery Koepper first came to the attention of STAR’S END in the mid-1990s when he was part of the duo Pure Gamma. Their music was an interesting mix of the current modern chillout scene and old school Spacemusic. It was not long thereafter that Pure Gamma performed in Philadelphia at The Gatherings Concert Series (on 28 September 1996 and again on 2 May 1997).Pure Gamma never managed to get a full-length CD released before ceasing to make music. Fortunately, Jeffrey Koepper incorporated some of their lasting musical ideas into his first solo CD Etherea (2003). Followed by Momentium (2006), Koepper again demonstrated ample technical craft and compositional ability in the studio.
    At the invitation of Steve Roach, Jeffrey Koepper‘s solo concert debut was finally realized in his opening set at Roach‘s 19 May 2007 performance at The Gatherings – which produced enough interest to get Jeffrey into a live on-air STAR’S END radio concert on the 01.27.08 broadcast, then back on stage as headliner at The Gatherings Concert Series on 19 April 2008.
    His CD Radiate (71’00) was recorded on this date and features ten tracks

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