Jeffrey Koepper – Sequentaria


Released: 2008 By Jeffrey Koepper

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  1. Blue Sector [8:12]
  2. Astral Projection [7:06]
  3. Timeline [8:43]MP3 soundclip of Timeline [3:00]
  4. Near Machinery [9:02]
  5. Interphase [6:09]
  6. Synchronous [7:56]
  7. Parallel Being [6:31]
  8. One Hundred Memories [6:59]
  9. Creation [10:13]

Classic vintage synths and sequencers

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3 reviews for Jeffrey Koepper – Sequentaria

  1. Sylvain Lupari / Guts Of Darkness

    Sequentaria continues the exploration of Jeffrey Koepper analog complexities with a hybrid instrumental approach. More aired than Momentium, Sequenteria wants to be a truly come back to the analog playgrounds where gravitate heavy reverberating circles, plunging astral waves on cadences sometimes sober sometimes unbridled. Pulsating complexes rhythms animated of sequences to random flows in synths swirls la Jean Michel Jarre coupled to Tangerine Dream digital sound waves area. A strange fusion that leaves beautiful musical footprints.

    Blue Sector starts this timeless musical voyage with cosmic intro cloths of slightly metal vapours.Hardly perceptible, the cymbals animate a progressive pace which wakes up on layers to vocal odes and a cascade sequence to hopping mood. Synth layers are dense and intersect in multiple variances to seizing vocal effects and dark waves which sweep this spangled musical background. Loud synthesized sirens, to sonorities as metallic as honeyed, tear this cosmic universe with chorus to angelic TDs emanations which shine in an atmosphere stuffed of analog sound effects on a constant sequential pace.
    Astral Projection slips towards a more claustrophobic mood. Static, dark and syncretic, the synth pulsations groan in this atonal sphere wrapped of cosmic layers to old analog effects which are shelled in a lyric confusion.
    An astral delirium which is melting in the opening of Timeline where sequences and synths are tying in a hiccoughing rhythmic before landing in the cosmic hazes Near Machinery. Black is this silence. Sink is the introduction. Near Machinery is moving on heavy circular reverberation with guttural drones, as a sci-fi movie where the creature is hiding between two walkways. Cadence takes shape on a nevrotic sequence stuffed of cosmic gases which act as odd percussions. A beautiful acoustic wave wraps this rhythmic incoherence, followed of fine synths wale moulding a harmonious cosmic waltz. Melodious, the title dives in a sequenced anarchy where percussions roll in a synth storm recalling Synergy good moments.
    Calms after the storm, Interphase melts as beautiful space rumba where galactic sound effects are shaping to a lyric synth which a sequenced languishing pace.
    The nervous beat of Synchronous bores in loop on a captive circular motion. A minimalism circle on heavy and whirling sequences with hypnotic curves which modulate an increasing but atonic musical spiral, matched to short synth pranks. A dark atonal track, just like One Hundred Memories, which is a slow intro/outro to the splendid Parallel Being. A beautiful cosmic ballet, shaken of fine pit vipers percussions, in a boreal galactic forest with beautiful Mellotron layers to enthralling flute. Completely delicious.
    Creation concludes this 3rd Jeffrey Koepper opus with a pulsating intro like Vangelis Charriots of Fire. A minimalism and obsessive intro which leads to an undulating sequence and a solitary percussion, before reaching a titanic nevrotic sound paroxysm.

    Multitude of intersected sequences intermingles to a bubbling synth fusion where undisciplined scratches are moulding to lyrical odes, forming a complex rhythmic which defends the bases of an impetuous and dark opus from its beginning to its ending.

    2009. Sylvain Lupari / Guts Of Darkness

  2. Jack Deckard / USA

    No shortage of good reviews here, because the music is excellent. This is a great place to start listening to Mr. Koepper. You will not regret it.

    2010. Jack Deckard / USA

  3. Phil Derby / Electroambient Space

    Jeffrey Koeppers third release Sequentaria finds him fully in retro mode, with catchy melodic EM in the style of Tangerine Dream from the early 1980s, perhaps my favorite era of theirs, with the trio of Froese, Franke and Schmoelling.

    For example, Blue Sector” sounds like it could have fit comfortably on Exit. The simple pulsing rhythm

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