Jerome Froese – Speed of snow


Released: 2009 By Victor J. Rek

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  1. The Speed of Snow [6:35]MP3 soundclip of Speed of snow [1:00]
  2. A Cold Spell in Spring [5:53]
  3. Summer Light Fantastic [5:48]

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3 reviews for Jerome Froese – Speed of snow

  1. Matt Howarth / Sonic Curiosity

    This release from 2009 offers 18 minutes of sparkling electronic tuneage.
    Jerome Froese (an alumni of Tangerine Dream) plays: programming, electric and acoustic guitars, guitar FX, bass, and glockenspiel.

    The first track offers twinkling keyboards conspiring with twangy guitars and quirky percussives to produce a wintry flair that is rich with enjoyable sentiments. A buoyant mood is created that slides into a jubilant phase. A touch of marching drums bestows the end with an amusing toyland attitude.
    The next piece takes a more somber approach with the strumming of frigid guitars blending with majestic keyboards. A feeling of pacific calm is laced with eccentric effects and wavery almost-liquid guitar chords, resulting in an eerie fascination. A celestial guitar riff emerges to shine and cavort amid a shimmering foundation of glacial properties.The last song explores a dreamy territory where glittering guitar chords slide across a surface of surging characteristics. Rhythms emerge to provide tasty propulsion. Bouncy keys manifest a pastoral sparkle that gradually merges with acoustic guitars and understated steel guitar enunciation.
    These compositions flourish with an arctic flavor that expresses a chilly environment with joy and celebratory demeanor.

    Its refreshing to hear winter music that resounds with festive mien without resorting to holiday sentiments.

    2010. Matt Howarth / Sonic Curiosity

  2. Archie Patterson

    The son of Edgar has accomplished something on his new CD EP that his father could never do.
    THE SPEED OF SNOW contains 20 minutes of rhythmic melodic EM that is both emotional and memorable in terms of melodic themes. It is rather short but compelling musically.

    2009. Archie Patterson

  3. Lou Novacheck

    Christmas in July. Thats what I thought when The Speed of Snow first began with a tinkling of Christmasy bells. It didn’t take long for me to dispel that thought, however. Immediately following that fake-out opening, the real meat of this CD began. Solid, talented and cool, accomplished space music.The name Froese should be very familiar to all space music (electronic music) fans worldwide. Edgar Froese, Jeromes father, is a founding member of one of the worlds space music supergroups, Tangerine Dream. For that matter, Jerome, himself, is an alumnus of Tangerine Dream, having played with them for several years also, before going solo. The mans got the pedigree, no doubt.
    The Speed of Snow is an EP, three cuts totaling just over 18 minutes. Its already a classic, however.

    Jerome Froese, a quite accomplished musician, is solely responsible for all the instrumentation and electronics on this CD, as well as all of his other solo efforts.
    And if thats not incentive enough, this CD is limited to a slim, cool 1,000 copies.The Speed of Snow is highly recommended.

    2009. Lou Novacheck

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