Johan Timman – Trip into the body

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Released: 1981 By Groove Unlimited

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  1. Trip into the Body [6:30]
  2. The Brain [5:52]MP3 soundclip of The Brain [3:00]
  3. The Heart [4:03]
  4. The Blood [6:22]
    (The March of the White and the Red Corpuscles)
  5. The Blood Cells and the Antibodies [5:45]
    (Look out for the Killer)
  6. The Windpipe [0:43]
  7. The Lungs [5:12]MP3 soundclip of The Lungs [3:00]
  8. The Hemoglobin [0:42]
  9. Inside the Tympanic Cavity [1:21]
  10. Hearing [6:57]MP3 soundclip of Hearing (ocean of sound) [3:01]
    (Ocean of Sound)

    Bonus track:

  11. The Heart (Still Beating) [6:37]
    Recorded live at the Berkeley Community Theatre, Berkeley, CA, USA on July 21st 1982.

A *classic* album with lots of Moog sounds and vocoder voices

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29 reviews for Johan Timman – Trip into the body

  1. Alain De Gendt / Belgium

    I got the album via a friend in the early eighties and lost it around 1990. I never forgot about it and so many times I said to myself I should google it. Finally I did it, I listened to the tracs and it catapulted me more then 20 years back in time. The rhythms were coming back to me while listening. It’s one of these rare albums that influenced me a lot.
    Nice to be able to say thanx to Johan for countless hours I enjoyed listening to this album. THANX

    2012. Alain De Gendt / Belgium

  2. Andr de Waal / NL

    Wanneer het was weet ik niet meer precies. Wat ik wel weet is dat ik door het winkelcentrum Zuidplein liep op een vrijdagmiddag en er geweldige muziek klonk in de grote hal, tegenover de Hema. Boven de trap naar de parkeergarage was een redelijk groot podium gebouwd waarop Johan Trip into the body speelde. Ik raakte onder de indruk en wist direkt: die plaat MOET ik hebben” en ik zag mezelf in mijn kamer zitten met de lp en mijn nieuwe stereo (2x 80 watt) voluit open.
    Gelukkig was de lp na afloop van het optreden te koop en werd hij door Johan gesigneerd. Toen ik hem vroeg of hij er op wilde zetten “Ook de buren genieten er van” fronsde hij zijn wenkbrauwen maar zag vervolgens aan mijn gezicht dat ik het meende. Ik heb de buren de week erna inderdaad het een en ander moeten uitleggen!

    2009. Andr de Waal / NL

  3. Gerrit / The Netherlands

    It’s a mayor breaktrought in electronic music, better than the music of Kraftwerk.

    2003. Gerrit / The Netherlands

  4. Dirk Warnaar / The Netherlands

    This is one of those albums I’ve been searching on CD for years. Back in ’81 I heard the single ‘Look out for the Killer‘ on the radio and I was sold.
    The moog and vocoder sounds were overwhelming and after all these years still sound very good. Since then it’s one of the reasons I still own a tape recorder. For a short time Johan was very big and was for instance invited by Bolland & Bolland to participate in their single ‘you’re in the army now’. This version flopped, but the cover by Status Quo was a major hit worldwide. Personally I still prefer the original.
    As far as I’m concerned, this album is of the same ‘feel’ level as for instance ‘Zoolook’ by Jean Michel Jarre, be it that TITB has more tempo in it and uses real lyrics in stead of voice samples.
    One minor thing: some songs might better have been cut short by about a minute (Trip into the Body and Brain).
    A shame really I never heard of him again…

    2003. Dirk Warnaar / The Netherlands

  5. Noname / Chile

    HI…. as Dirk Warnaar did, I was looking for this release in CD as well.
    The first time I heard this release was in 1981 in the southern part of Chile, to be more specific in the Chilean Patagonia. A friend of mine got the vinyl those days in Brazil (I think the only place where to get the vinyl in South America in 81′).
    I have no clue why Johan Timman didn’t come up with some another production after Trip Into The Body”

  6. Srgio / Brazil

    I’ve bought this LP back in 1982. It was the ultimate electronic sound experience, since I was affectionated on Kraftwerk and Jean-Michel Jarre, at that time.
    I’ve lost the album circa 1988, since then, I never found a CD version, or even a reference about another Mr. Timman‘s works.
    That was quite an experience to listen the three samples in this site. In the inner sleeve, there were some shots of his studio and ‘apparathus’.
    And a list of his equipment of composing and recording. Thanks that, TEAC and Lyrec were my choices on tape records.

    2003. Srgio / Brazil

  7. Adriaan Laurijsen / The Netherlands

    In the 70’s I was really into up-beat, melodic, synthesizer music, and of course there wasn’t much choice at that time. Kraftwerk, Tomita, Vangelis, Jean Michel Jarre, and believe it or not but also Klaus Wunderlich used the Moog synthesizer to produce some of his albums.
    In 1981 Johan Timman brought out his album: Trip into the body” and many of my friends and I had a wonderful time listening to this wonderful album. I still own the album on vinyl and listen to it so once in a while to bring back the feeling of that time.
    I searched the web to find out more about Johan Timman

  8. Bart Spruijt / Netherlands

    Trip into the body early 80. I lived in the street behind Johan Timman and visited his small studio GREAT GREAT A big musician a pity just 1 album from his hand.

    2004. Bart Spruijt / Netherlands

  9. Jose Boxma / Nederland

    TRIP INTO THE BODY een schitterende cd hoor, nu de volgende cd maar maken en zeker kopen ik wacht met spanning af tot hij uitkomt

    2004. Jose Boxma / Nederland

  10. Markus / France

    I bought this LP for 30 years ago in one of my favourite shop of that time.
    Very fond of Electro Music like TaDream, Vangelis, K.Schulze and JMJ… this Album was a Art of Secret & rare Gem for me to discover I cherish it for some years but so much that finish to Vanish! (lost or stolen) and you can imagine how happy and nostalgical I can be to see that review about it.
    Luckily there was an old tape with the whole album on it I put my hand on, through thousand of other cassettes.At that time I was learning to play piano, but my secret wish was to master Synthesizer, (so it was a kind stimulating artwork) so in the meantime I learnt and used both not so bad now, for pleasure and well, just more (some private music recordings in my bag).
    Synthesizers infos were not to easy to have then, ( purchase one of these machines was only a dream because of the prices that just fitted to fortunate and passionated musicians) and on the inner sleeve I remind were such big close photos from Moog Modulars Trip Into The Body seemed to be dedicated to Moog Instruments.
    There was a totally analogic warm sound, I think it was in 1979 but I’m not sure, and you could see apart the Big modulars, Minimoog and Multimoog – the Polymoog – kind of Synth-Organ but totally polyphonic, could split the keyboard in two, 10 presets and 1 memory ! It belonged to the few production and the rise of the first Poly synths at that time apart of Oberheim 4 and 8 voices with the white SEM modules and maybe the new OBX coming to light of day from the American Production between these exciting years (Featured in a lot of Funk & Disco music) but also Yes (Patrick Moraz) and Queen.
    From Japanese productions you could tried to afford some of the New Korg of the PS Series, build in modular system like the Moog but totally Polyphonic. (played by Keith Emerson, Edgar Froese, K.schulze, and Jarre at that times).
    Against Roland had just this little Jupiter 4 voices, seems not so interesting but some could make hits with it (Vince Clarke, Yazoodon’t go”)
    You could have at that time

  11. Richard / Holland

    A truly classic album , which took me exactly 1 time to hear to fall in love with, and still gives me shivers…. Actually have shared it on kazaa, after creating a digital version from the original vinyl , but it was never downloaded. I’ve also seen his participation on some rob de nijs”(a dutch vocalist) albums

  12. Max / The Netherlands

    I discovered Johan Timman on vinyl because a friend of mine had the album. After I heard it I was really surprised what it did to me….GREAT SOUND. After I was changing to CD’s often looked for a version on CD for myself…..Never found it!. So I made it myself from vinyl. I also sharedthe tracks on Gnutella (and there was a download). I really like this album. I don’t really know what my favorite track is but I think ‘The Hearing’ or maybe ‘The Heart’. I think it’s a shame and a pity for many people it wasn’t released on CD.
    I was listening to the music again now and thought:let’s have a look on the Internet” I was surprised about the link I found ….this one. SO that’s why I’m typing this short notice. I never heard it on the radio like some others did and I never heard from Johan Timman again.
    To anyone who accidently surf in this place….LISTEN TO THE TRACKS.

    2004. Max / The Netherlands

  13. Mario / Uruguay

    Amazing album.
    I got to know it back in the 80’s with a friend of mine. Instant love. For me it was like a masterpiece at that time. Amazingly, I got a copy recently and found me to have the same opinion.
    I agree with the nostalgic feeling I has, maybe for the time passed, or the color of the sounds, of those beautiful analog synths.This album fits like a perfect tribute to Bob Moog I think, R.I.P :'( I had this pretty poor tape copy for years of a not so nicely treated vinyl (groove skips, crackle and all), some day I lost it somewhere at the end of the 80’s.I’m still looking for the CD, but recently got my self back in my good old analog ways 🙂 and revived my AKAI turntable, DJ grade cartridge for now (Stanton 890 SA) and homemade OP/AP preamp (pretty good), but it is a beginning.And of course, an excellent vinyl copy from the Netherlands of ‘Trip Into the Body’ I bought in Australia 🙂
    So, I’m pretty satisfied. I wish there were a DVDA or SACD release… unlikely I guess…The album has varied soundscapes mixed with some pop tunes, it is not the kind of stuff like Tangerine Dream or Schulze, it is more pop, but with an experimental and dark edge…
    If you like analog synths, get it at all costs!

    2005. Mario / Uruguay

  14. Johan Timman

    Hi Music and Synthesizer Lovers,

    I’m alive and still going strong. The past 25 years I’ve done a lot with my MOOG’s, especially research in the field of sound. This story will be too long to explain here, probably I shall tell more about it on my website Beside this scientifically research I also made and composed music for films, commercials and other productions. Last year, inspired by my research how our brain and consciousness reacts by listening (aware or unaware) to sound and music, I decided to make a new album The Cerebral Symphony”. So if you are still interested in Johan Timman

  15. rodger / Holland

    It is a great album. It was then and it is now. It’s an adventure. Kraftwerk in those days was more conceptual, more minimalistic. Kraftwerk is even today touring, releasing work and innovative in music. Johan’s work now sounds a little outdated, while Kraftwerk‘s is still amazingly fresh. Johan is still alive, you can let him teach you sound synthesis in Amsterdam at his JAT studio. He says he his working on new stuff…

    2005. rodger / Holland

  16. Gerard / Nederland

    Ik ben bij de opnames van Trip into the body” geweest en heb de promotie van het album meegemaakt.
    Een groot feest.

    2004. Gerard / Nederland

  17. Michael / The Netherlands

    I`ve heard his music for the first time in 1985. At that time I just discovered Jean Michel Jarre.
    Looking for the album since, until two years ago I found the CD. (Yes, there is)
    it`s one of my most valuable CD`s for me.

    2004. Michael / The Netherlands

  18. Miguel Wisintainer / Brazil

    I got the Vynil version in 1981 and one of better Electronic Music of World!
    That time, I always look for for new TIMMAN releases and nothing. Someday I did think that Timman had dead! 🙁

    2004. Miguel Wisintainer / Brazil

  19. Marco Antonio / Brazil

    When I bought the LP the CD did not exist yet. It’s fantastic.
    The heart” is the best for me.

    2003. Marco Antonio / Brazil

  20. New Wave Dave / USA

    I also had the vinyl and loved this album. So excited to know that it is on CD. Now I just need to find one. As the other reviewers said – if you love synths and great use of the vocoder – this is for you.
    Kraftwerk, YMO, Telex, Giorgio Moroder, Jean-Michel Jarre all come to mind. I also wish Johan had released more work. Glad to hear there is a new album due out.
    Thank you Johan for helping pioneer electronic music into the future – now!

    2006. New Wave Dave / USA

  21. francesc / brasil

    Adoro as musicas do Johan Timman, desde que era criancinha, mas infelizmente no tenho nenhum cd.

    2006. francesc / brasil

  22. Johan Bakker / The Netherlands

    Haha, this is great. Thanks for the reply Johan.
    I stumbled across this page looking for your name since I have very good memories of the album. I bought the Heart” single when I was 13 and couldn’t afford to buy the album. I do remember there was a picture of you inside the sleeve somewhere with a “made by Moog for Johan Timman” product. I’ve been an electronics music fan since that time. (I’m typing this wearing a Moog t-shirt 😉 )

    2006. Johan Bakker / The Netherlands

  23. gilmar ramrez leyton / chile

    Hi Johan!
    Im a chilean fan since I heard Trip into the body”

  24. Phil Derby / Electroambient Space

    Ive often heard of this EM classic, but had never actually heard it until now, thanks to Groove reissuing it. There is a bit of a quaint feeling to the bouncy title track and Timmans voice through the vocoder, although it does have cool melodic hooks.

    This is even more the case on The Brain”

  25. tavi / chile

    Una experiencia diferente, una obra maestra de la electronica. Hoy tengo 42 aos de musica en mi cabeza; La primera vez de TRIP INTO THE BODY” ?….1984

  26. ultraman / US

    Tavi, hubo una edicion en CD, si mal no recuerdo hicieron como 100 o 200 copias. POr ahi por el 2001 – 2002 logre encontrar una copia. Si, fui uno de los afortunados. 1984?? Las unicas personas en chile q tenian el album eran 3 (que yo haya sabido), un tipo en stgo del cual no se el nombre, la otra persona era un tipo de Punta arenas que era mi socio y el cual me hizo una copia en cassette del LP y los otros eran los de la radio concierto, ellos transmitieron el LP como 3 veces si mal no recuerdo los dias domingos en la noche, el dia q transmitian musica electronica.
    Es posible q encuentres el dvd en algun lugar, es cosa de bucarlo yo creo. Chau logo, q le poni!!!!!!!!OK now in english, Tavi, a cd edition was made like in the year 2000 something, If I’m not wrong like 200 copies were made and yes, I got one back in the day. Good luck finding one, probably there are still a few moving around.
    Cya guys… 🙂

    2008. ultraman / US

  27. Carlos Fernando Knauer / Brasil

    Trip into the body. A Great Work !!

    2008. Carlos Fernando Knauer / Brasil

  28. Joost / The Netherlands

    Great Album. Far beyond its time. Brings up memories with HerB and Andr. Got involved with this album, thanks to my nephew Rob. Thanks for all reviews.

    2008. Joost / The Netherlands

  29. Juan Eduardo / Chile

    Trip in to the Body was a spectacular album. I was shocked when my father, a Neuro – Cientist, buy me the vynil in Brazil (he was in a Congress of Neuroanatomy).
    I made many copies in Cassette for my friends. In that years, I was a prose list about the work of Johann.

    2008. Juan Eduardo / Chile

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