Johannes Schmoelling – Early beginnings


Released: 2008 By Viktoriapark Records

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  1. The Blue Door [2:44]
  2. The Blue Window [2:29]
  3. Nevermind [6:28]MP3 soundclip of Nevermind [0:29]
  4. Perpetual Motion [3:49]
  5. The Avatar [3:58]
  6. Walking On Sunset Blvd. [4:03]
  7. It Better End Soon [2:54]
  8. Violence In The Street [5:49]
  9. Echo Village [4:19]MP3 soundclip of Echo village [0:29]
  10. The Soldier Theme [2:25]
  11. Riding the Bike [3:59]
  12. Tracks In The Snow [6:32]
  13. Metamorphic Forest [2:50]
  14. Circles [4:01]MP3 soundclip of Circles [0:29]

Rough drafts and demo recordings

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2 reviews for Johannes Schmoelling – Early beginnings

  1. John Vertical

    A new Johannes Schmoelling album is almost upon us, and it contains tracks that have been removed from the deep and dusty vaults of the Riet-Studios in Germany, the oldest of which dates back to his pre- Tangerine Dream days in 1979. The booklet includes personal sleeve notes by Johannes for each of the album’s 14 tracks.

    2008. John Vertical

  2. andy k / UK

    You can look at this CD in two ways:
    As a historic document, showing Johannes’s development through his career within TD, then this CD is a must 9/10
    As pure music, hmm it pains me to say it, but I found it a bit dull. Perhaps it’s because we already have quite a few of the tracks in some shape or form all ready, or the tracks are a bit on the short side or don’t develop much. 6/10
    Having said this no fan should be without a new album from Johannes…so buy it and see what you think.

    2008. andy k / UK

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