John Foxx – D.N.A.


Released: 2010 By Metamatic

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  1. Maybe Tomorrow
  2. Kaiyagura
  3. City of Mirage
  4. Flightpath Tegel
  5. Violet Bloom
  6. Phantom Lover
  7. A Secret Life 7
  8. A Secret Life 2
  9. Over the Mirage

    DVD – a collection of short films

  10. Maybe Tomorrow
    by Karborn
  11. Violet Bloom
    by Steve D’Agostino
  12. Flightpath Tegel
    by Ian Emes
  13. A Secret Life 2
    by Ian Emes
  14. City of Mirage
    by Macoto Tezka
  15. Kaiyagura
    by Macoto Tezka
  16. Over the Mirage
    by Macoto Tezka
  17. A Half-Remembered Sentence
    From: The Quiet Man by Jonathan Barnbrook
  18. Clicktrack
    by Jonathan Barnbrook

Beautiful and mind bending collaborations between Foxx and some of his favorite filmmakers. With Harold Budd, Ruden Garcia and Steve Jansen

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