John Lakveet – Building sequential stones vol. 1

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Released: 2003 By Groove Unlimited

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  1. Call [4:57]MP3 soundclip of Call [3:00]
  2. Stone on Stone [6:20]
  3. Walk [5:32]
  4. Flying Buttres [5:02]
  5. Exodus 3:14 [8:55]
  6. Reflection [5:12]
  7. Prayer [3:55]
  8. Darkness [1:55]
  9. Column North [6:17]MP3 soundclip of Column North [3:00]
  10. Meditate [3:31]
  11. Melancholy [3:41]
  12. The insolent walk Nocturne of Gargoyles [9:25]MP3 soundclip of The insolent walk nocturne of gargoyles [3:00]
  13. Towers [2:31]
  14. Cupola [7:24]

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5 reviews for John Lakveet – Building sequential stones vol. 1

  1. Archie Patterson

    Spanish synthesist Lakveet has produced a couple of previous choice EM morsels to date, but these 2 really take the cake. If you love ballsy sequences and pulsating melodic riffs, then both installments of Sequential Stones” will knock your socks off. Start with Volume 1 and you will want Volume 2 as well.

    2009. Archie Patterson

  2. Jorge Munnshe

    This is a spectacular album where John Lakveet shows his talent in the creation of complex themes with powerful rhythms, mysterious melodies and unusual atmospheres.

    The 14 pieces included in this CD are pure Space Sequencer music of the best quality, with the philosophy of exploring new sonic continents nonetheless without abandoning melody and rhythm.
    The artist stages a spectacular performance of synthesizers and sequencers, all of them set at the service of electronic music in its most cosmic side. The melodies are intense, lucid, direct.
    The rhythms are usually based on the sequencers. The music has a certain majestic air, and helps to evoke, in the imagination of the listener, voyages to exotic places and impressive experiences.

    Here we have a recording, in short, that no lover to these kinds of music should miss in their collection.

    2004. Jorge Munnshe

  3. Jorge Sergio

    Con su anterior trabajo, John Lakveet ya ayud a destruir algunos tpicos con respecto a la msica electrnica. Epikus vi la luz en el 2003, y en sus once temas, Lakveet demostr que la msica hecha con sintetizadores y otros medios electrnicos tambin puede resultar pica, lo cual siempre resulta refrescante en una sociedad musical que sigue tendiendo a enterder la msica electrnica como algo sin un sentimiento real.
    Afortunadamente poco nos ha hecho esperar el sintetista cataln para brindarnos un nuevo trabajo. Groove Unlimited, el sello holands de msica electrnica, tras haber publicado Epikus, se encarg tambin de la publicacin del nuevo disco. A finales del 2003 vea la luz Building Sequential Stones Vol.1.La trayectoria musical de John Lakveet ha sido siempre interesante. Desde sus trabajos como uno de los cuatro miembros permanentes en los primeros trabajos del legendario grupo electrnico At-Mooss, pasando por sus colaboracin con Dom F. Scab (tambin fueron compaeros de batallas electrnicas en At-Mooss) titulada Silent Mars, o sus trabajos en solitario (Sequentiagite, Epikus), John ha demostrado una gran capacidad para componer electrnica de calidad.
    Es casi imposible no referirse a la escuela de Berlin al escuchar esta msica. De hecho los primigenios compositores de electrnica de los aos 70 como Tangerine Dream han marcado en parte la trayectoria musical de muchos de los actuales msicos o grupos electrnicos. No voy a caer en la tentacin de hacer comparaciones, pero algunos de esos grandes pioneros que desarrollaron no slo aquella msica, sino los sintetizadores para crearla son a la electrnica algo parecido a los grandes y reconocidos grupos rock que han marcado a tanta gente.
    Sin embargo, y es una opinin personal, la msica de John Lakveet es personal e intrasferible”

  4. Matt Howarth / Sonic Curiosity

    This release from 2003 features 75 minutes of sequencer electronics.
    Crafted in the sequencer-heavy Berlin School style of electronic music, Lakveet‘s compositions explore this mode in short-form, the average track clocking in at between three to five minutes. This brief duration compresses the drama and expression of his music, increasing the directness of the tuneage.
    Crystalline electronics cavort with solemn delineation, goaded by chords-as-rhythms into peppy tunes of engaging disposition. Atmospheric foundations drift in conjunction with more demonstrative embellishment as cyclic riffs explore interesting variations of meticulous intent.
    Shrill tones merge with ethereal elements, all harnessed into fanciful melodies that strive to pay homage to structures of antediluvian granite. This connection of sound and stone produces a stirring mood, one in which ancient traditions are converted into modern expressions of technological codification. The cathedrals of olden become houses of digital worship, conjoining the past and the future in fabrications of sparkling melodies.
    Jubilant riffs unfold in commodious union with deliberately pensive electronic textures.
    Passion evolves with every passing moment, infecting everything from amorphous vapors to emphatic core sounds, and attributing a grandeur to the whole. Just as cathedrals were humanity’s crude means of elevating their beliefs to be nearer to their deity, this music acts as a sonic bridge between man and sky, uniting earth and heaven for intrinsic appreciation.

    2004. Matt Howarth / Sonic Curiosity

  5. Phil Derby / Electroambient Space

    Hmm, with album titles like these, what do you think the music will sound like?
    Deceptive at first, Call” opens Volume 1 with tribal drums and faraway synth flutes. But it gives itself away only a minute in

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