John Lakveet – Force of reason

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Released: 2005 By Groove Unlimited

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  1. Leibniz and contingency [7:52]
  2. Copleston aperture [6:47]MP3 soundclip of Copleston aperture [3:00]
  3. Checkmate to B. Russell [4:39]MP3 soundclip of Checkmate to B. Russell [3:00]
  4. Descartes, the lance argument [8:22]
  5. Nihil-ibuster [9:54]MP3 soundclip of Nihil-ibuster [3:00]
  6. Platon in the cave of mirrors [24:37]
  7. In-Kant-able [5:48]
  8. In jazz club with the One of Plotino [1:36]

Versatile, melodic sequencing

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4 reviews for John Lakveet – Force of reason

  1. Jim Brenholts

    Groove Unlimited is like the Energizer Bunny.” They just keep going and going and going and going and releasing amazing electronica by amazing talents well-known and newly discovered. The gems that they release are often instant Berlin school classics.
    John Lakveet is one of their rising stars and while it is not yet a classic

  2. Edgar Kogler

    John Lakveet develops daring, imaginative ideas in this CD, preferably aimed at Space Sequencer Music. Lakveet is no doubt one of the most sophisticated flagmen of the electronic music currently being created.
    Inthis CD we find eight compositions full of emotions and electronic adventures. The whole album has a strong cosmic air, not only due to the use of synthesizers, but also because of the style of the compositionsitself. There also are elements of Synth-Pop and Ambient.
    Several compositions have moments of a greater introspection, perhaps near to meditation, together with other instants of a simple, straightforwardexperimentation, yet always keeping to the most melodic aspects of the artist. Some passages are cold, mysterious. Others turn out to be warm, emotional.
    An album that no doubt deserves an attentive listening.

    2005. Edgar Kogler

  3. Donato Zoppo / MovimentiPROG

    Se pensate che la filosofia sia una cosa pallosa, cerebrale e asfittica avete sicuramente frequentato le scuole in Italia… Filosofia slancio, audacia, poema dell’intelletto” per dirla alla Novalis

  4. Phil Derby / Electroambient Space

    The Groove site describes The Force of Reason as versatile melodic sequencing.” Versatile is a perfect description of this excellent release. Yes

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