Jon and Vangelis – The Best of


Released: Polydor

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  • 1. Italian Song
  • 2. I Ll Find My Way Home
  • 3. State of Independence
  • 4. One More Time
  • 5. A Play Within a Play
  • 6. Friends of Mr. Cairo
  • 7. Outside of This (Inside of That)
  • 8. He is Sailing
  • 9. I Hear You Now

Best Of is an album by Jon & Vangelis, released in 1992. Best Of includes a.o. the following tracks: “Italian Song”, “I Ll Find My Way Home”, “State Of Independence”, “One More Time” and more.


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3 reviews for Jon and Vangelis – The Best of

  1. Ivar de Vries

    This album is the first in a series of four ‘Jon & Vangelis’ albums after Jon Anderson sang the one song on the 1975 album ‘Heaven & Hell’. It’s also the freshest of the lot, the two friends evidently relishing the chance to finally work together on a full album with Jon temporarily having left Yes.
    Improvisation is the word here, with Vangelis wandering through many short musical ideas and Jon Anderson making up lyrics along the way it seems – he is one of those lyricists who hardly ever make any sense but do make their lyrics sound good. Anyway, it’s his voice that counts – an easy high-pitched voice that works wonderfully well with Vangelis’ electronics. The album gives the impression of having been made in just a few sessions without any messing about with it afterwards, an impression which is confirmed in some interviews they gave about their work together.
    They scored a minor hit with ‘I Hear You Now’ and other highlights include ‘One More Time’ and ‘A Play Within A Play’ (with its surprising outburst in the middle) but the overall quality of the music is consistently good. Some will find it all overly sweet and lovely (it must have presented a complete opposite to the punk movement of those days) but it makes for some nice easy listening, and anyway the positive vibes” are clearly meant sincerely.

    1999. Ivar de Vries

  2. Henrique Colares / Brasil

    this is the best albumn I ever heard in my whole life.

    2006. Henrique Colares / Brasil

  3. Joe McGlinchey

    After years of friendship and dabbling in collaborative efforts here and there, Jon Anderson and Vangelis finally got together to make a series of records under the moniker Jon & Vangelis

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