Jon Jenkins – Beyond city light


Released: 2005 By Spotted Peccary Music

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  1. The Calling
  2. Zzyzx Road
  3. Through City LightMP3 soundclip of Through city light [1:45]
  4. Secrets of the Virgin
  5. LegacyMP3 soundclip of Legacy [2:25]
  6. Deep Sleep and Dying Embers
  7. The Source
  8. Sky of Surrender
  9. Through Different Eyes
  10. ForeverMP3 soundclip of Forever [2:09]

Mysterious ambience, powerful grooves

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2 reviews for Jon Jenkins – Beyond city light

  1. Edgar Kogler

    The 63 minutes of music of this compact disc by Jon Jenkins are an imaginative cosmic voyage. 63 minutes aimed at making the listener dream.

    The result is worthy of attention. Ethereal sounds, unearthly atmospheres and vaporous melodies envelop one by one all the themes of the album. The synthesizers provide the album with a magical atmosphere ideal to wrap the melodies in. Some passages have an overwhelming emotive nature.

    2005. Edgar Kogler

  2. Matt Howarth / Sonic Curiosity

    This release from 2005 features 63 minutes of dreamy ambience.
    Jenkins (on synths, piano, guitar, percussion, voice and textures) is joined on this release by: Linda Sargent on voice, Howard Givens and Erik Wollo on guitar, David Helpling on guitar, percussion and additional programming, Greg Klamt on flutes and ocarinas, Matthew Stewart on bass, snare and cymbals, and Steven Schreier on deep metals.

    Dreamy electronic textures ooze like sweet mist, spreading from a peripheral source and surrounding the listener with lucid serenity. This sparse milieu eventually thickens with electronic density periodically augmented by temperate percussives, majestic piano, vaporous guitar and heavenly crooning.Even these embellishments have a way of swelling, gradually gaining puissance and power, until the melodies are awash with character and softly demonstrative vigor. All the while, this strength is aimed at sedation, swamping the audience in a relaxed state that possesses just a trace of uplifting invigoration.While general harmonic in nature, this music maintains a vital melodic foundation. The riffs are subtle as they emerge from the overall atmospheric climate, then swiftly dominate the tracks, transforming the floating tuneage into vibrant compositions that flavor the dreamy flow with engaging diversions.Jenkins‘ sonic voyage takes the audience far from the sprawl of urban civilization, venturing deep into the unspoiled wilderness of nature, where a bond is formed between this virgin environment and the substantial calm that resides within each listeners’ soul.

    2006. Matt Howarth / Sonic Curiosity

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