Jon Jenkins & David Helpling – Treasure


Released: 2007 By Spotted Peccary Music

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  1. Grand Collision [5:37]MP3 soundclip of Grand collision [3:00]
  2. Treasure [5:59]
  3. The Knowing [7:00]
  4. Beyond Words [3:33]
  5. Into The Deep [5:33]
  6. Not A Soul, Not A Sound [10:25]
  7. The Frozen Channel [5:50]
  8. Now More Than Ever [9:43]
  9. This Day Forward [6:41]
  10. The First Goodbye [6:41]

Deep spaces punctuated by powerful grooves

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5 reviews for Jon Jenkins & David Helpling – Treasure

  1. Kristian Persson / Sweden

    One of the best Ambient/New Age albums I have ever heard in my entire life! I don’t have enough words to describe how good this album is but this sure is a Masterpiece of it’s own!.
    A mind journey through many of earths mystical places is what comes to mind when I listen to this incredible sound, a journey so full of emotions there is nothing like it!I can only say if you like sequencer based grooves such as Patrick O’Hearn‘s style then don’t hesitate, just go out there and buy this disc immediately!
    Highly highly recommended!!

    2007. Kristian Persson / Sweden

  2. Phil Derby / Electroambient Space

    Spotted Peccary has always tended toward the softer, smoother side of electronic and new age music, and that is certainly the case with Treasure, an easy-going collection of very pleasant relaxed tunes. The collaboration between Helpling and Jenkins seems a natural one, their styles seamlessly fusing together into an organic sounding release that would be right at home alongside Patrick OHearn classics such as Trust and Metaphor.
    Warm synth pads, gently strummed guitars, rich echoing percussion and bright piano all meld beautifully together. The drums are particularly powerful and moving in the title track as it builds.
    The Knowing” pulls back several notches

  3. Dene Bebbington

    Treasure goes to prove the old adage that some things can be more than a sum of the parts. Apparently it’s six years since the inception of this album. In that time Helpling and Jenkins have masterminded a work where each musician’s input is readily noticed yet the overall result is more enchanting than the mere combination of their own styles.

    An auspicious and dramatic start to the album is made by Grand Collision”. Smooth otherworldly synth washes discreetly ebb and flow then a percussive rhythmic section bursts in along with attention grabbing drum work. In between there’s an interlude of dreamy synths

  4. J. ten Napel / Nederland

    Na verschillende keren naar deze cd geluisterd hebbende kan ik niet anders dan deze twee Amerikanen de hemel in prijzen. Dit is GROTE klasse opgenomen en gemasterd materiaal!! En werkelijk schtterende composities!! Dit is muziek met een grote M!! Vooral als je weet dat David weinig op had met e-muziek. En dn zlke klsse opnames de wereld in gooien!! Ik heb dit soort composities niet meer gehoord sinds ik Jarre‘s Equinoxe hoorde.
    Keep up the good work David!!!

    2007. J. ten Napel / Nederland

  5. Chuck van Zyl / Star’s End

    On Treasure (67’28) David Helpling and Jon Jenkins create a synthetic 7th heaven where the muses of Patrick O’Hearn

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