Jorge Reyes – Prehispanic Music (3 CDBox)


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CD “A” Prehispanic
Web Of Dreams 3:19
Sazilakab 4:52
The People With Painted Face 2:06
On The Way To Tlalocan 3:10
Stone Music 1:15
Dance 3:46
The New Fire 2:47
The Nine Directions 3:10
Journey To Mictlan 2:18
Wood Music 1:11
The Flight Of The Bird Children 6:06

CD “B” Rituals
Tonami (The Singer) 4:46
Obsidian Butterfly 5:14
Suddenly We Were Out Of The Dream 4:53
Dance Of The Red Tezcatlipoca 4:09
Omeyotl (The Dual Essence) 4:30
Smoking Mirror, The Lord Of Duality 5:27
Seven Serpent 7:15
Feast In The Mountain 2:52

CD “C” Mystic Rites
Invocación 3:47
El Hechicero De La Dicha Tranquila 4:11
Donde Nadie Lamenta Lo Que Somos 3:02
No Te Entiendo 8:22
Nadie Supo De Donde Venia 5:25
El Arrullo De La Mujer Luna 6:14
The Flayed God 4:16
Ver Cosas Nunca Oidas

Cardboard boxset including 3 jewel cases, each one without cover or booklet.
CD1 is “Prehispanic” from 1990
CD2 is “Prehispanic: Music for the Forgotten Spirits” from 1994
CD3 is “Prehispanic: Mystic Rites” from 1994
Audio sounds remastered, though there is no information in the credits.

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