Kees Aerts – Slices of time

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Released: 1997 By Groove Unlimited

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  1. Slices of Time [1:04]
  2. Waiting for Curtain [1:50]
  3. Eire [4:04]
  4. Balance [8:17]MP3 soundclip of Balance [3:00]
  5. Darkness [9:13]
  6. The first Time [6:28]
  7. Travel [9:28]MP3 soundclip of Travel [2:59]
  8. Lovers (Cooldown mix) [1:50]
  9. Other Worlds [7:00]
  10. Friends [9:45]MP3 soundclip of Friends [2:59]
  11. Slices of Time (Reprise) [2:50]

Versatile, melodic, rhythmic

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12 reviews for Kees Aerts – Slices of time

  1. Sylvain Lupari / Guts Of Darkness

    Slices of Time is the very first album to appear on Groove label. Its also a sublime album lost in this immense labyrinth that is EM world. Initially realized in 1997, Slices of Time became ceased and, quietly, forgotten in the constant emergence of novelties. Certainly, it is not the only album suspended and lost in the time. Its the story of music, and maybe life; magnificent pearls are ignored in a pond too full of sound jewels which furnish warmly our ears. Re edited and remastered in 2002, I was lucky to discover this small jewel of a very versatile EM which is inspiring by Jean Michel Jarre‘s first works and by a rhythmic structure near Space Arts one.

    Slices of Time and Waiting for Curtain open with an ambient approach where a vocoder exploits a soporific feminine voice and sound samplings that bring us near a soft madness on twisted synths near a dramatic approach. A set-up that settles us feet in the sand and surrounded by gulls, while making the link with the amazing Eire.
    Eire, poetic name for Ireland, is a nice track where we can easily affirm that Kees Aerts has the sense of rhythm and melody. A supple cadence which couples to cackling percussions, of which uncountable metallic clicking are twin to loud circulars resonances and to analog sound effects, which accompany a stately fluty synth. A flute in the sound harmonies of the Irish legends and which borrows the breaths of a bagpipe flanked by drum roll thats shapes a magnificent Ireland solemn march. A very beautiful title, hyper melodious, which is between Jarre and Oldfield approach.
    Metallic hoops that get tangled up in an effect of crossed undulation open Balance. A heterogeneous intro where a multitude of analog sound effects feed an uncertain rhythm sustains by magnificent hybrid sequences and a soft synth to syncopated hoops. Per moments, the rhythm gets lighter and strikes a pace supported by good percussions. A pace with random surges where the steams of an oniric cosmos, filled of analog FX, plunge us into Jean Michel Jarre‘s universe (Magnetic Fields), with a magnificent Mellotron synth that shapes a warm orchestration. A magnificent title as it proliferates throughout this Kees Aerts 1st opus.
    A slow intro to colorful tones opens Darkness. Reverberating waves sounds auscultate a somber firmament where tschitt tschittcymbals and heavy drum striking introduce a musical clarification. A sound clearing became harmonious with a soft Mellotron synth

  2. Marco Smit / The Netherlands

    Kees Aerts is an great musician and i don’t know why there are not more cd’s of this performer, his music is different from Ron Boots. Slices of Time have many styles and i love this, the sequencer isn’t mine favorite instrument but here he sounds good. This cd is an must have and in an collection of electronic music highly recommended.

    2010. Marco Smit / The Netherlands

  3. E-Mix

    As one of the main men behind Dutch synth label Groove Unlimited, Kees Aerts has quite a reputation to keep up, and luckily this new CD doesn’t let him down either in terms of production or of musical innovation.

    The title track opens with a great, vocoded chant reminiscent of Robert Schroeder‘s opening to Paradise”

  4. Musicwatch

    Hailing from Holland, Kees Aerts music goes for slower beats and a more ambient, dreamy feel to the music. Most of the tracks on Slices Of Time” tend to sequence into the next one

  5. Alvaro Castillo / Mexico

    Just to tell you that after listening your cd Slices of Time I liked it a lot, is really good. Thanks for this one.

    2002. Alvaro Castillo / Mexico

  6. Andy G.

    Majestic album of synth layers, melodies and rhythms with loads of great tunes, plenty of development and variety and definitely one for those of you who like it on the melodic side with all those sweeping string synth cords, and flowing layers above dynamic rhythm base that you know and love.

    2004. Andy G.

  7. Bobby Wright

    I have no earthly idea why the man has not released any more work. The album is so enjoyable to listen to. To be around electronic music as he is and to play it and to be around another master as far as I concerned, Ron Boots you would think an inspiration would come to mind to release another SOT. I can only hope.

    2004. Bobby Wright

  8. ZeitMaster

    This CD is follows in the tradition of Patrick O’Hearn, Jean Michael Jarre, and Tangerine Dream (Hyperboria, Melrose). Although the influences are apparent Kees has it’s own style that is sure to intrigue any electronic music fan.
    This atmosphere is mostly catchy sequencer rhythms and symphonic deep space. The music ranges from electronic pulse and melodies (in the vein of O’Hearns Rivers Gonna Rise” and “Eldorado”) to rhythmic space and ambience.
    Never gets trancey or dancey nor does it go to far into minimalism. It is just right.

    2005. ZeitMaster

  9. Artemi Pugachov / Encyclopedia of Electronic Music

    Slices of Time” is notable for being the first ever release of the Groove Unlimited label.

    The title track opens the album with atmospheric synth background and female voice. Dramatic string sounds are dominating the picture

  10. Backroads / USA

    Kees Aerts has appeared on the three collections that were inspired by the X-Files, the latest being ‘Truth or Dare’. On his own for the first time, his ‘Slices of Time‘ employs clever use of sampled voices and percussive effects combined with layered keyboards to produce an impressive release that encompasses many electronic music styles, ranging from Dwane to Code Indigo, Roach to Serrie, Schulze to Jarre, with unique touches throughout. Space drift gives way to sequencer riffs, wavestation sounds and crashing punctuation. Not short on drama, nor lacking in potency, Aerts also uses excellent transitions to bridge the passages & connect the pieces into a flowing whole, much like Robert Fox.
    Highest recommendation!

    1997. Backroads / USA

  11. Crystal Lake

    Il s’agit ici ( ma connaissance) du premier album de Kees Aerts. La musique de Slices of Time” se situe dans une veine Berlin school trs “ouverte”

  12. Jim Brenholts

    Kees Aerts, co-owner of Groove Unlimited, has been in the music business forever. He has contributed his formidable talents to Groove’s Truth” series

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