Keller & Fanger & Schonwalder – Pure Relaxation (CD)


Released: 2013 By Manikin Records

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  1. Regeneration (composed by Detelf Keller), [25:18]
  2. Floating Images (composed Mario Sch�nw�lder), [24:11]
  3. The Inner Light (composed by Thomas Fanger), [25:52]

This exclusive CD turns your living room into your personal relaxation and wellness oasis. Allow your stressed soul a wonderful healing journey and instantly escape from your hectic daily life.

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  1. Sylvain Lupari / &

    Life is stressful? The problems of the everyday life get over us and we have some difficulty sleeping? The pains eat us away and deteriorate long minutes, even hours, of daily life? If so, then Pure Relaxation from Thomas Fanger, Detlev Keller and Mario Schnwlder is one of very beautiful antidotes that I heard recently. Far from being banal New Age which exploits to wear ropes and seraphic voices too much clich, Pure Relaxation is a relaxing, soothing music which fits the rules and the principles of the long minimalist works with slow, but constant evolutions, of the German label Manikin. The 3 accomplices go of their very stylized touches on 3 long music pieces where harmonies, ambiences and esotericism flirt with the very personal seal of Fanger, Keller and Schnwlder.

    A little as a rough draft thought which little by little takes its shape, Regeneration” drags its peace of mind with hesitating arpeggios of which the tones of mirrors dance in the shadows of a line of bass sequences to the motionless pulsations. The reverberations are of crystal and a somber perfume of nostalgia floats above the first seconds of “Regeneration” when another line of sequences gets loose to forge a soft melodic tick-tock which rings in the sighs of fictitious violins and cellos. These sequences swirl like ballerinas of glass

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