Keller & Schonwalder & Broekhuis – Red


Released: 2012 By Manikin Records

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  1. Red One [32:07]
  2. Red Two [14:44]
  3. From Red To Green [20:22]

3 long live pieces in Berlin School style

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1 review for Keller & Schonwalder & Broekhuis – Red

  1. Sylvain Lupari / & synth&

    Oh does it feel good to hear some new stuff from Broekhuis, Keller and Schonwalder! Not that the Repelen odyssey wasnt good. Far from it! But I was quite in eager to hear the suite of Orange and, especially, Blue. And the wait was worth it. I’m not mistaken by writing that Red is the best work of the trio since moons. More melodious and sharply more poetic than Blue, Red presents 3 long minimalist structures where the Berlin trio honours its reputation of masters architects of evolutionary musical structures with interchangeable rhythms which are exchanging some permutatives melodies as lively as oniric

    .Percussions fall with crash. Their curt and loud knocks awake a latent iridescent synth wave which makes dance circular chords to introduce this long minimalist river that is Red One”. From then on settles down a bed of sequences which teems under different rings and tones on a delicate movement with fine permutatives nuances. We have the feeling that the rhythm is starting to galloping

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