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1-Below Landing Path 11:24
2-Letter For Caroline 09:47
3-Beautiful Moments 10:14
4-Four Four On The Floor 14:38
5-Timpany Impressions 12:21

Total Time: 58:41

The duo of Bernd Kistenmacher and Harold Grosskopf teamed up in the early 1990s and produced Characters, a studio album, and Stadtgarten Live, a concert recording.
Both albums clearly show how two musicians with different styles and instrumentation can collaborate to create something in a slightly new direction for both of them. Kistenmacher, well known throughout Europe for his hypnotic sequences and textures has found a great team mate in Grosskopf, an experienced drummer and percussionist with strong roots in electronic and progressive music. Characters moves all over the map from mid tempo songs layering sequences and melody with dynamic rhythmic elements to more ambient affairs. Regardless, you will stay interested because each composition shows the benefit of two minds bringing some of their best ideas to bear.
It can be argued that many collaboration projects either create something new and remarkable or something pretty much forgettable with little middle ground in between. Characters is an album in the former category in that you really hear the intertwining of two fine minds.
Kistenmacher has never lacked the ability to create entrancing moods throughout his career; Grosskopf’s presence just brings out new flavors that make the music more easily accessible without losing integrity.

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