Klaus Hoffmann-Hoock & Bernhard Wostheinrich – Conundrum


Released: 2007 By DiN Records

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  1. Virupaksha [8:00]MP3 soundclip of Virupaksha [3:00]
  2. Bowed visions [8:12]
  3. Conundrum [9:21]
  4. Phased realities [5:55]
  5. Swarmandel [10:07]
  6. Flavia’s paradise [6:40]
  7. Moonlit [8:17]

Space guitar, rhythms, atmospheres

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3 reviews for Klaus Hoffmann-Hoock & Bernhard Wostheinrich – Conundrum

  1. Sylvain Lupari / gutsofdarkness.com & synthsequences.blogspot.ca

    Further to the publication of my review on the album Trance’n’Dance from Mind Over Matter, I received an e-mail from my good friend Bernhard Wstheinrich who was wondering if I was willing to talk about his collaboration project with Klaus Hoffmann-Hoock and the album Conundrum. The title reminded me vaguely something. Having searched my archives I finally noticed that I had talked about this album some very long time ago. Here is of what it returned. Resurrection of a review and a music that I had forgotten in the corridors of time.

    With the multiple carillons which resound, we are expecting a very ethereal moment, even pious, while that a nervous bass line and agile bouncy sequences forge a structure of rhythm as much elusive as the murmurs which flitter around it. Fluid and well sat on these elements a bit funky, while being well pounded by flexible percussions, Virupaksha” skips in its psychedelic plumage on a provocative beat

  2. Chuck van Zyl / Star’s End

    Good collaborations can bring out latent voices. On Conundrum (56’43) the duo of Klaus Hoffmann-Hoock and Bernhard Wostheinrich speak in a language of unexpected affinities and easily traced influences. For Hoffmann-Hoock it is Eastern thought and 60s psychedelia while technology and abstract expressionism inform Wostheinrich‘s contributions.

    Working together on Conundrum the duo manages to combine their individual musical traits into a cohesive sonic statement. Electronic beats

  3. Phil Derby / Electroambient Space

    A perennial favorite of mine, Klaus Hoffmann-Hoock, has teamed up with DiN label musician Bernhard Wstheinrich to create some first-rate electronic music. The very spacey retro passages, scintillating guitars, and ethnic touches from Hoffmann-Hoock are apparent throughout; to them Wstheinrich adds his technical wizardry, modern electronica elements with an emphasis on the rhythmic component. The end result transcends genres and simply makes good music.

    Wstheinrichs influence is felt early on Virupaksha”

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