Klaus Hoffmann-Hoock & friends – Psychedelic breakfast


Released: 2003 By AD Music

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  1. Paradiso [17:15]MP3 soundclip of Paradiso [2:59]
  2. Raga [6:15]
  3. MoM-Medley [6:36]
  4. Sehnsucht [6:28]
  5. Heart of the sun [9:52]
  6. Ganges [19:21]
  7. Sri D [13:47]

Live at Schallwende. With Stephen Parsick

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1 review for Klaus Hoffmann-Hoock & friends – Psychedelic breakfast

  1. Sylvain Lupari / Canada

    There is only Klaus Hoffmann Hoock to think and put on feet such a project.
    Psychedelic Breakfast is really what it means: a musical lunch between friends, a way to relax, to enjoy life and the benefit of it, to open out with the friendly smiles that surround you.

    And it is with Paradiso that this psychedelic breakfast begins. One of the first MIND OVER MATTERs works, Paradiso is a slow procession, which starts here with a strange tribal drone like a morning prayer. The first chords filter a reverberation, which mixes perfectly to a bass with sensual progression. Stephen Parsicks piano is of virginal softness on a dense Mellotron, with the heavy and sensitive veils which are moulded in perfect symbiosis with a crescendo movement of infinite tenderness. Neither those, which don’t know the Mellotron yet, nor its romantic effect may find very beneficial to discover the major charm of this instrument. Here, Klaus Hoffmann-Hoock is offering us the Trons charm: magical moments, undulatory rotations where the sound waves and loops intersect in a paradise-like atmosphere.
    Raga reflects the psychedelic aspect of Breakfast. The sitar of KHH is sharp on wanderings vocal and hands custom percussions.
    MoM-Medley is a collective of acoustic guitars on vivid chords, where the host interprets segments of his MOM repertory, with an astonishing dexterity and a well-sharpened sense of rhythm – a very beautiful moment, which brings us to the atmospheric and very Ashra-like Sehnsucht: spacey and floating, the electric guitar resounds in a lunar environment where placid veils of synthesizer-like guitar sounds float in the stridency of gliding six-cords. This is a marvellous moment from the gliding Krautrock era, which we will find later on a more elaborate way with the splendid Ganges.
    Heart of the Sun is an interpretation, with flowing riffs, of Pink Floyds psychedelic anthem. This interpretation is of an astonishing realism, exceeding even the delirious whims of the English quartet – a true swirl of a static psychedelic violence, in a boosted musical atmosphere, on a splendid play of ignited guitar.
    More animated than Ganges, Sri D exploits the same floating paths of a space rock of the 70s with a play of discrete keyboard, a throbbing organ, of tablas and a moulding bass, which give more strength to a passive impulsion which ground in the blackness of a cosmic silence.

    Psychedelic Breakfast of Klaus Hoffmann-Hoock & Friends responds clearly to the expectations created by its title. In a very intimate environment half of MOMs musicians give a concert, which joined us, a concert to which we can identify to without problem, thanks to a splendid sound recording, which brings us closest. Quite relaxed once sitting we have the impression to be there. And it is not because it is a breakfast, on morning that it is necessarily quiet. Admittedly, there are soft moments, but the wild and rebel side of Klaus Hoffmann-Hoock rather spout out from time to time for the greatest pleasure of the listening.Another good album for Klaus Hoffmann-Hoock and his MIND OVER MATTER-musicians, a group that resists time while keeping its identity.

    2007. Sylvain Lupari / Canada

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