Klaus Schulze – Angst (Thunderbolt)


Released: 1984 By Thunderbolt

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  1. Freeze [6:36]
  2. Pain [9:36]
  3. Memory [4:50]
  4. Surrender [8:41]
  5. Beyond [10:16]

CDTB2.027. Soundtrack

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1 review for Klaus Schulze – Angst (Thunderbolt)

  1. Synthetic Pleasure / USA

    Just from hearing the music, I want to go see the movie. I think that Klaus Schulze is at his very best with a film score. If you have Body Love then you know what I’m saying. Angst is a super album of very powerful music.
    Some of the music is outright scary but just perfect for Halloween. Once again, if you are a serious collector you will have to get this album.

    1984. Synthetic Pleasure / USA

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