Klaus Schulze – Audentity


Released: 2016 By Mig

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    CD #1

  1. Cellistica [24:31]
  2. Spielglocken [21:24]
  3. Sebastian im Traum [28:21]
    CD #2

  1. Tango-Saty [5:47]
  2. Amourage [10:37]
  3. Opheylissem [5:11]

    Bonus track:

  4. Gem [58:10]

With Tiepold and Shrieve

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3 reviews for Klaus Schulze – Audentity

  1. Coen

    Audentity has Gem (58:10), broken up in 5 tracks. The sequence in the soundclips sounds similar to Highway from Drive Inn. To fit this bonus track on disc 2, the other tracks have been rearranged: Cellistica, Spielglocken and Sebastian Im Traum are now on disc 1, while the other three tracks are on disc 2.

    2005. Coen

  2. Ivar de Vries

    Audentity is a very ambitious project involving Wolfgang Tiepold on cello, Michael Shrieve on percussion and Rainer Bloss and Schulze himself on a variety of electronics. It is inspired by the Georg Trakl novel Sebastian Im Traum” and is spread out over two CDs.

    The four pieces on the first CD form a sort of traditional symphony if you look at it in terms of tempo (i.e. allegro

  3. andy / uk

    Audentity was and still is a stunning record, don’t wait, just buy it.

    2006. andy / uk

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