Klaus Schulze – Blackdance


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  1. Ways Of Changes [17:14]
  2. Some Velvet Phasing [8:24]
  3. Voices Of Syn [22:40]

    Bonus Tracks

  4. Foreplay [10:33]
  5. Synthies Have (no) Balls? [14:42]

With Ernst Walter Siemon

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  1. Matt P.

    1974’s Blackdance is Klaus Schulze‘s fourth album, though it was his third to be released. Stylistically, Blackdance treads ground similar Schulze‘s previous record, Picture Music. However, because Picture Music‘s release was delayed until 1975, Blackdance probably sounded like a radical departure to Schulze‘s fans back when it was the de facto follow-up to 1973’s Cyborg.
    Like Picture Music, Blackdance is instrumental mood music; mood music which often has a beat and which is usually set to faster tempos than the more deliberate compositions on Irrlicht or Cyborg. It’s one of Schulze‘s more organic” sounding records (to the extent that this is possible with Schulze)

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