Klaus Schulze – Body love vol.2


Released: 2016 By Mig

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  1. Nowhere – Now here [28:55]
  2. Stardancer II [14:12]
  3. Moogetique [13:10]

    Bonus track:

  4. Buddy Laugh (a Rock’n’Roll Bolero) [23:16]

Great floating pieces

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3 reviews for Klaus Schulze – Body love vol.2

  1. Mike Costa / The Cosmic Frequencies

    This is 100 times better than body love vol.1 I really love the way each track unfolds into different slow to fast pace synth electronic melodies.Definitely my favorite solo release by Klaus Schulze, Thanks to Harald Grosskopf for his awesome percussion work that really made this release possible.

    2007. Mike Costa / The Cosmic Frequencies

  2. Leonidas Rosales / USA

    Saving the best for last? Ever since the reissues came out , I have been dying for Body Love vol. 2 to be in the next batch of KS re-releases. The suffering is over, I can die in peace now! Buddy Laugh is more than icing on that masterpiece cake. En hora buena Senor Klaus!

    2007. Leonidas Rosales / USA

  3. Andy / Wales

    When I first heard this when it was released I loved it. Part of Klaus expanding his style and musicality from the earlier drone works of Irrlicht and Cyborg.
    Nowhere – Now Here starts off as a light floating piece, synth twitters moving across the sound and out of which comes a gentle rhythm. Over the rhythm Klaus plays various beautiful phrases that seem to dance through each other, each phrase supporting the present sound before rising to centre stage. About halfway through the tempo accelerates and the interplay of klauses keyboards and Haralds drumming is stunning.
    StarDancer has an ambient beginning before leaping into a rhythm and ‘melody’ that a number of present day dance music fans have enjoyed and seen as being a sort of origin for some of the present day sounds. Moogetique is totally still – floating through starfields while washed by light.

    2002. Andy / Wales

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