Klaus Schulze – Dig it


Released: 2016 By Mig

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  1. Death Of An Analogue [12:15]
  2. Weird Caravan [5:16]
  3. The Looper Isn’t A Hooker [8:30]
  4. Synthasy [22:53]

    Bonus track:

  5. Esoteric Goody [28:21]

  1. Stahlsinfonie / Symphony In Steel [1:02:22]

With Stahlsinfonie Last copies!!

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2 reviews for Klaus Schulze – Dig it

  1. Steve Brereton / UK

    Hey, I don’t mind having another copy of Dig it
    No, really. ‘Esoteric Goody’ might just be an extra track added for the space (and any extra KS material from his archives is only good!), but finally getting a proper copy of the Linzer Stahlsinfonie concert. That’s worth the set just by itself.
    I’ve had a pirate vid of this for years, but it was so bad, I only got occasional flickers of the drummer and the massive machinery. Oh, and a shot of the ‘IC’ logo somewhere too.
    That aside, this is an hour of masterful KS, complete with welder’s helmet, coaxing simply wonderful sounds from not many synths. Plenty of shots of a frantic drummer, some external aerials of a steel plant and some of steel smelting in operation.
    As Wouter Bessels says, this is a ‘must have’ for any – ANY – KS fan.
    Personally I’m looking forward to watching it on TV, with 5.1 sound!

    2007. Steve Brereton / UK

  2. Qwave

    I bought Dig It as LP when it hit the stores here in Germany 1980. And I bought it when Metronome released it as cd as one of the first Klaus Schulze cds (I think it was the third KS on CD).
    This is showing you how much I like this early digital style. These recording were one of the first done in digital. And also one of the first using also digital synthesizers. KS used the Crumar/MTI GDS here. So the sound is very different from his work before. And it is also different from the Trancefer recordings done a year later.

    The first track Death of an Analogue” is best to be described as a a trio of a vocoded voice of KS (speaking some word about the end of analogue and the new digital)

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