Klaus Schulze – Dziekuje Poland live ’83


Released: 2016 By Mig

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    CD #1

  1. Katovice [26:22]
  2. Warsaw [24:16]

    Bonus track:

  3. The Midas Hip Hop Touch [25:15]
    CD #2

  1. Lodz [20:59]
  2. Gdansk [15:45]
  3. Dziekuje [5:52]

    Bonus track:

  4. Dzien Dobry! [35:58]

With Rainer Bloss

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2 reviews for Klaus Schulze – Dziekuje Poland live ’83

  1. . Diliberto

    Klaus Schulze is a German synthesist who’s been entrancing European audiences for over 14 years. … Schulze was playing free-style drums with T. Dream, which not only accounts for his rhythmic vitality, but why his music brings the turbulent vortex of John Coltrane to mind. They both share modal forms as well as a relentless, overpowering rhythmic drive. Instead of the power plant percussive of an Elvin Jones or Rashid Ali, Schulze has intricately-programmed drum machines and sequencers. Of course, Schulze’s classically-inclined compositions are more structured and detailed than Coltrane’s windstorms, but they have the same spiritual intensity and far-reaching, often eastern concept of time and tonality. Schulze’s are simply shaped by the electronic and computer technology available.Schulze isn’t a technical virtuoso like Coltrane. … But he has the same gift for sound-shaping as Coltrane. He constantly interacts with his instruments, altering their sonic character, making solos vibrantly alive that would be monotonous if he were simply playing the notes on another instrument. That’s why, with all his digital synthesizers, Schulze still uses the more spontaneous and intimate Mini-Moog when he wants to cut loose.

    This music is not on automatic pilot.Dziekuje Poland documents the carnival of sound that Schulze presented to stadiums full of Poles in 1983. In concert, Schulze plays freely with classically precise structures that are full of sonic corners and trap doors. One of those doors is a massive orchestral chord that sounds like it’s been digitally sampled from BEETHOVEN‘s Ninth and synthetically magnified and altered. It’s first heard as a rapture in space and time during a romantic piano prelude on Katowice, crashing in and sending the music off on a roller coaster of syncopated rhythms, jabbering synthesizers and Schulze’s carreening solo. Schulze provides a pathway into other worlds and environments…

    To step into Dziekuje Poland is to leave this world behind.

    1984 J. Diliberto

  2. Phil Derby / Electroambient Space

    And here we are again, 4 new Klaus Schulze reissues. Lets just jump right in with the good news: they all sound great! The packaging is as attractive as ever, Inside Out has done such a nice job with these. Also, it is interesting to read the new comments from both kdm and KS. Of course, as with the other KS reissues the hardcore fans will want to know if the bonus material is worth them buying these all over again. I would have to say yes emphatically when it comes to Irrlicht, as Dungeon” fits beautifully here. Neither Schulze nor Mueller know the source of the recording

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