Klaus Schulze – Inter*face


Released: 1985 By Mig

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  1. On the Edge [7:58]
  2. Colours in the Darkness [9:13]
  3. The Beat Planante [7:24]
  4. Inter*face [24:47]

    Bonus tracks:

  5. The Real Colours in the Darkness [12:02]
  6. Nichtarische Arie (A Not So Hidden Track) [13:47]

With Ulli Schober

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2 reviews for Klaus Schulze – Inter*face

  1. Phil Derby / Electroambient Space

    Inter*Face is a somewhat maligned album, but it makes a fitting time capsule. As new wave music was all the rage in 1985, complete with slick sequencers and computerized drums, Schulze put his own spin on that trend.

    The first three tracks do at times seem barely recognizable as Klaus, with their bouncy steady beats throughout. Only the 25-minute title track has that characteristic KS sound, with warbly synth solos and those hypnotic crystalline sequences that we love so much.
    Of the two bonus tracks, only one is new. The Real Colours in the Darkness” is familiar to owners of the Jubilee Edition box set

  2. andy / uk

    For me this was ‘almost’ the last good recording from Klaus, after this it was downhill all the way into endless (over long) noodling over percussion that was neither interesting or generated any groove. But…on Inter*face Klaus showed he could still produce something fresh, which blasts to pieces the tired old arguments that you always need old analogue equipment to produce tracks with ‘musical worth’.
    Perhaps these days it doesn’t stand out from Klaus’s usual style as much, but at the time it was ‘Wow, that’s different!…you’re kidding me, it’s KS?’Enough waffle, go buy it!

    2006. andy / uk

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