Klaus Schulze – Moonlake


Released: 2005 By SPV GMBH

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  1. Playmate In Paradise [30:09]
  2. Artemis In Jubileo [17:51]
  3. Same Thoughts Lion [10:40]
  4. Mephisto [15:24]

Mix of live and studio

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4 reviews for Klaus Schulze – Moonlake

  1. Seeker / UK

    The CD is out of the packaging and in the player and sitting back on the sofa, as I idly flick through the booklet and look at the pretty pics, I wonder if the album is as good / bad as others have said. The laser skips across microscopic troughs and bumps and via the magic of digital to analogue, Playmate in Paradise” begins to fill the room. The opening strains sound familiar and I can’t quite nail it on the head. Oh yes

  2. Mark Stevenson / Scotland

    I’ll try to brief (for once). It’s not as earth-shatteringly unique as KS‘ entire catalogue up to about ’84, but I certainly prefer it to most of the ’90s material. There is a definite groove… KS begins to kick some serious ass on Playmate”

  3. Pat Murphy / USA

    It’s always nice to hear Klaus return to his traditional roots of electronic music, especially the Berlin-style sequencer tracks like Mirage” that have been his trademark.
    The live excerpts of this CD has some of his best work of recent.
    “Mephisto” is the type of sequencer track that builds quickly into a floating and dreamy yet powerful piece and represents “Schulzian electronics” at its best.
    This last cut makes the whole CD worthwhile

  4. andy / uk

    A vast improvement over the arid desert that was KS in the 90’s, however, a new album from Klaus should always be welcomed, even if in this case his music isn’t to my personal taste.
    A classic? behave yourself 😉 an improvement? Yes, ‘very much’ so. Would I recommend this album? That’s harder to say, to a beginner I’d say checkout Klaus’s highwater mark recordings from the mid 70’s or early eighties, it’s on these recordings Klaus made his mark, truely created something above and beyond the technology he was using.
    Worth buying? probably, give it a go and see what ‘you’ think.

    2006. andy / uk

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