Klaus Schulze – Timewind


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    CD #1

  1. Bayreuth Return [30:32]
  2. Wahnfried 1883 [28:38]
    CD #2 (Bonus tracks)

  1. Echoes Of Time [38:42]
  2. Solar Wind [12:35]
  3. Windy Times [4:57]


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6 reviews for Klaus Schulze – Timewind

  1. Ivar de Vries

    Timewind contains two long, brooding pieces of very atmospheric music played on various analog instruments. The first piece is fast-paced (mainly due to the use of sequencers) and consists of many interacting and constantly changing rhythms surrounding a slowish harmonic progression. Serious stuff indeed, but it ends with a typical piece of Schulze humour.
    The second piece is an outand out classic of electronic music – a very desolate-feeling piece with a highly-charged chromatic harmonic progression which builds to a climax before slowly dying out, leaving nature in the form of the many wind and rain effects which also started off the piece and were never far away in the background.
    Being dedicated to Richard Wagner (who died in Venice in 1883 after spending the last few decades of his life in Bayreuth, where he had a house called Wahnfried built – hence the track-titles), does the album resemble Wagners music at all? Well, it certainly isnt opera, but it does somewhat resemble, in terms of atmosphere, Die Walkure which also has lots of weathery music (it starts off with a storm) and, in musical terms, Tristan & Isolde which has the same intense chromaticism.
    All in all, a very recommendable album, but not for the faint-hearted !

    1999. Ivar de Vries

  2. Paul Rijkens

    With Timewind” from 1975 Klaus managed his breakthrough. The album even gained a place in several album charts. As usual

  3. Markus Melcher / France

    Well I heard and listened to this long time ago somewhere in the end of the seventies, the abstract cover like others from him fits very good. For me it was the beginning of something, in the same time I discovered some works on tape at the time, of Jean-Michel Jarre Oxygne” and Tangerine Dream “Stratosfear” the most known and available works around 1976.
    “Time Wind” from Klaus Schulze was my first encounter of his music

  4. Davros / Notts Co, England

    TIMEWIND was probably the first Schulze and first hard core” electronic album I ever heard. I bought a 2nd hand copy for 50p in 1980 when synth-pop was at it’s hight in England. There’s not an awful lot you can objectively comment on here. As the man himself says (“Mirage” sleevenotes) you either love or loathe this music. Bayreuth – you say Bayroyt folks! – is the easier track to get into

  5. Phil Derby / Electroambient Space

    SPV continues release Klaus Schulzes massive back catalog at a steady clip. The interesting order of the release schedule amplifies the breadth of styles Schulze has employed during his career, and this most recent batch is among the most diverse yet. From the sparse, wind-swept 70s space sounds of Timewind to the 80s rhythms and symphonics of Trancefer to the 90s voice samples and heavy percussion of Drums n Balls, these discs cover the gamut.

    Timewind has rightly achieved classic status among fans and critics alike, and this reissue has been given the royal treatment with a full disc of bonus material, most of which was recorded during the same sessions in 1975 and sound absolutely fantastic, a natural extension of the original.
    The only exception is the brief final track, Windy Times

  6. New Age Voice

    Another classic from one of the pioneers of the Berlin School of spacemusic, infused with washes of white noise, twittering electronic sound effects and the steady pulse of cycling sequencers.
    This 1975 recording is dedicated to Richard Wagner, and Schulze aspires to that classical grandeur, even providing a reproduction of his score” for one of the two side-long compositions. It’s a multi-layered chart mapping the positions and structures of leitmotifs and harmonies

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