Klaus Schulze – X


Released: 2016 By Mig

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    CD #1

  1. Friedrich Nietzsche [24:50]
  2. Georg Trakl [26:04]
  3. Frank Herbert [10:51]
  4. Friedemann Bach [18:00]
    CD #2

  1. Ludwig II von Bayern [28:39]
  2. Heinrich von Kleist [29:32]

    Bonus track:

  3. Objet d’Louis [21:32]


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3 reviews for Klaus Schulze – X

  1. Darklight

    X” is one mighty and truly legendary studio album from September 1978. On these 6 tracks that were dedicated to Nietzsche

  2. Mark Stevenson / Scotland

    This is an absolute MUST HAVE for Schulze fans. Possibly his greatest ever album, fully restored as per the Brain vinyl! There is also an interesting bonus track – a live orchestral / synth collaboration which contains elements of Ludwig II”. The big surprise here is that the short (5 mins) but wonderful track “Georg Trakl” has been expanded to a 26′ epic. Superb stuff (it becomes a bit like “Heart” from the 1980 live album

  3. Qwave

    If you should buy only a single package of KS music releases, go for this.This is one of the best things KS ever did. At least to me and the other reviewers and many KS fans I know. Not a single KS fan it hating this CD. At least I never heard about one doing so.
    So this is a must-have !

    2006. Qwave

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