Kraftwerk – Tour de France soundtracks


Released: 2003 By EMI

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  1. Prologue [0:31]
  2. Tour de France �tape 1 [4:28]
  3. Tour de France �tape 2 [6:41]
  4. Tour de France �tape 3 [4:07]
  5. Chrono [3:27]
  6. Vitamin [8:09]
  7. A�ro Dynamik [5:05]
  8. Titanium [3:21]
  9. Elektro Kardiogramm [5:16]
  10. La Forme [8:41]
  11. R�g�neration [2:05]
  12. Tour de France [5:10]

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4 reviews for Kraftwerk – Tour de France soundtracks

  1. Technopop

    Prologue This intro is similar to the introduction of Long Distance version contained at the single, but without drums. It’s a prelude to the following three tracks.

    Tour de France – Etappe 1 Similar to the single, a bit longer. That’s the version used at Tour de France” official video. Lyrics in french.

    Tour de France – Etappe 2 Similar to the Long Distance version without the introduction. Lyrics in french.

    Tour de France – Etappe 3 Similar to the single

  2. Henric Helbro / Sweden

    After having waited the said 17 years since their latest release, I must say that I was releaved when I listened to the new record the first time.
    Kraftwerk really still know how to build or should I say construct REALLY harmonic, rythmic music with cold and hard components.
    It’s a joy to listen to the new, remixed version of Tour De France ’83.

    2003. Henric Helbro / Sweden

  3. Christian Uceda / UK

    Honestly, however is expecting this CD to be the continuation of the old eighties albums will be left very disappointed initially.
    I must confess I was very disappointed when I heard the album the first time… as I have been a huge Kraftwerk fan since my childhood.
    But after listening to it some more times… I simply couldn’t stop listening to it again and again, I was impress, I must say it is a very good album.
    Elektro Kardiogram” and “La Forme” are incredible songs

  4. Orbit / Indonesia

    very minimalist sounds but maximal quality….

    2003. Orbit / Indonesia

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